Is eternal time picture correct?

The universe exists and exists not at the eternal now which is one point. Isn’t that logically possible?

This does not make a logical impossibility. Using the analogy to plane geometry, it’s like saying that a circle in a plane exists over here and does not exist over there. It is more correct to say that it exists.

Here and there, before and after… exist when you have a dimension. Eternal now has zero dimension. There is no before and after there so everything exists and exists not at the same point which this seems contrary to me.

I disagree. In this analogy, eternal now is the entire plane.

As I mentioned there is no before and after in eternal now otherwise God becomes subjected to time.

In my analogy, the plane is all and unchanging. All spatial entities (points, shapes, directions, and distances) exist as one unity in the plane. The plane is not subject to any of them.

Similarly for God’s eternity with respect to time and space.

I’d moreso say that the knowledge of it exists eternally.

Ok. I agree.

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