Is everyone else's family sick like ours?


My goodness, will the plagues ever let up?? It’s been ear infection after strep throat after stomach flu after cough after cold–and they’ve all come in the family-size packs. :mad:

How are your families weathering the cold/flu/crud season?


Badly. Very, very badly!

I was in bed for three days last week. Thank goodness the boys were sick enough to be laying on the couch while their mother imploded in the next room…

It’s rotten to be glad your children are under the weather, but I’m not sure we would have survived their regular, uh, energy level, while Mommy was falling apart!

Now that the only thing left lingering is our coughs, my husband is succumbing…:frowning:



We’ve been pretty fortunate up until this weekend. My 16 year old watched a movie with me Friday night until 1 am and went to bed just fine. He woke up at 3 am and said his ear really hurt. By 12 noon, his ear drum had ruptured!:eek: So a $6 bottle of oral antibiotics and a $112 :eek: bottle of antibiotic ear drops should clear this all up!

My 14 year old has been having a fever since Friday - no sore throat, no headache, no stomach pain, no swollen glands, no cough, no runny nose, nothing else - just a fever anywhere from 102-104. So, after the 3rd day of this I took him to urgent care…strep throat.


We have been veryblessed this cold and flu season. The girls have had runny noses a couple times, and I had one major flu bout 2 months ago. Otherwise, we have been very healthy. I really believe part of this is because New School is so clean, and Old School was so dirty!!!:eek: Two buildings, simliar age, similar materials. One has been kept immaculate. The other not only has not been kep up, but has ceiling tiles with tons of insulation behind them (I was their tech) that I know are holding and breeding tons of germs.


My family is usually quite healthy through cold and flu season, but not this year. We’ve had every bug know to the CDC, and the newborn was hospitalized.
It seems to be letting up a bit, but I’m not letting my guard down!


The upper respiratory thing we had seems to last about 2 weeks. It tricks you into thinking you’re getting better, then comes back. It does this several times in the 2 week period.


Fat harvest of flu and such here. I managed to get away with a more or less permanent cold with perks, but my family had it worse.


There are only two of us. Two weeks ago, my DH got the stomach flu, and we went to the emergicare because it was very bad. Then I caught something akin to influenza from other people in the waiting room- DH caught that from me, and I had some of his stomach flu problems. We’re feeling better now but both of us are still coughing. It’s been yucky here!


I’m sick. Sick sick sick. :smiley: Well, actually, I am. I live alone, so I can’t speak for my family, but I had a miserable cold and fever a few weeks ago, and then again this week. Which particularly sucks, because it was Chinese New Year, which meant I had a five-day weekend, which I spent in bed with a hot water bottle (actually, a can of peaches which I’d boiled) and a large blanket, and the pharmacies were all closed so I made do with extra strength Tylenol. I don’t know whether it’s good for colds, but it’s what I took.

My boyfriend, who lives 90 minutes away from me, was also sick both those times. :frowning: This is also miserable, because I can only see him one day a week at best, and more usually once every two weeks. This time, at least, he was able to come over to my place and then come down with a fever while he was visiting me, so I could put him up in my guest bedroom. His place doesn’t have heat - that probably contributes to his poor health. Feeling moderately better today, though. Thanks for asking.:smiley:


There’s nine of us in the house and eight are sick, have been sick, and never seem to get over the crud creeping around.


Yes, we’re sick, too. sigh I’ve had something for almost 4 weeks now - cold then sinusitis then last week I started a cough/fever/chills/body ache thing that hasn’t gone away.

DS#1 (5) has had a fever off and on since last Thursday and is stuffy and has a cough.

DS#2 (4) seems to be pretty much over his fever/stuffy head/cough but occasionally when he runs around too much he’ll start coughing.

DS#3 (13 months) woke up at 5:00 this morning with a fever of 103.5 and a runny nose and cough (but the cough and runny nose seem to be better now that he’s isn’t crying). I was hoping and praying he would be spared but no such luck. :nope:

DH says he’s starting to feel it, too. I told him he’s not allowed to get sick until I’m better but apparently he didn’t listen. :wink: Fortunately he’s taking off work today so I can try to get into a doctor.


We’re fighting something now, too. DH came down with the sniffles, extreme fatigue and stuffiness over the weekend; not good for him, as he is in TV news and this is a big ratings period. If he loses his voice and can’t be on the air, it has repercussions.

I also read that the flu vaccine for this season is likely not addressing the most prevalent flu strain - apparently they gambled and lost as to which strain would affect the US most. Great!

Prayers going out that everyone gets better quickly!


We’ve been spared most of it earlier in the season, but now dd (3) has the cough, ds (2) has slight cough and runny nose, and ds (1 next week!) has had a fever off and on with drippy nose, hoarse cough, and I think ear infections. Last night I got to sleep in my own bed all night though, after a couple of nights on the couch! I know people who have it worse, so I’m not complaining too much. :smiley:


I opened my mouth, and DH brought home something from the colleges!:eek: Thegirls and I had slight fevers and a little coughing. DH had this horrible fever and then a lot of coughing (He smokes:mad: ). He was hit by a car in the City in mid-2004, and some body parts are a little more sore than others. After seeing his hacking, we are going to have the smoking talk again!


Oh I thought you meant something else.:stuck_out_tongue:

My mom’s sick, and I am too. And my brother was sick yesterday.


We’ve had it all week–all of us! Well, except for oldest DS. Both babies have had fevers, respiratory junk, and the baby was puking. DH and I have both had the sinus thing with the coughing and fevers. It’s miserable. And it won’t go away! We have taken so much vitamin C we should all be turning into oranges by now.


I was out 5 days last week with Strep AND influenza…I was a mess. thank God for DH! He has been such a trooper taking care of me. Also my sister came over and helped me a couple of nights while DH went back to work. Yesterday was my first day of feeling almost like my old self and now DD’s are struggling with it! :frowning:

My oldest is home from school today and DH is taking care of her. My middle daughter has gone to bed at 6:30 2 of the past 3 nights and awakened doing better, but I hope she has fought it off.

the baby has a constant runny nose and cough right now. No fever though. but she stays home and reaps the ill-effects of all of us going out in the world. Poor baby.

I am SO ready for spring and the end of winter and all the sickies!


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