Is everyone expected to do everything?

With regards to the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, is everyone expected to do everything? Or do people have “callings” to specialize in certain areas?

This is just my opinion but I think we all have callings–and the callings may vary at different times in our lives. Praying for the dead though is one thing that I think we can all do everyday and it doesn’t take long. PLUS, we may appreciate such prayers ourself one day!

it does sometimes feel that way - like we’re expected to be faster, stronger, kinder, tougher, more capable, did I say faster?, & just better generally. Everyone is time poor cause we’re expected to be able to do more and more to abate the dissatisfaction that life is not perfect.

It is the lack of trust in God which makes people load their own shoulders with efforts to create the world they desire, producing stress. What did John Lennon say? “Let it be”.

That’s a good question OP. I’m not sure on the answer myself, but I would say that the thought of Scripture “Be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect” comes to mind when I read your question. That is a hard saying.

I think we are called to do all of what God calls us to do and strive to do it in the way He wants it done.

I believe people do have callings. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. We should strive to improve in all ways, even our weaknesses, but we do our best work when we use our strengths. Some people pray to God to discover this. Others find it naturally as they experience life.

I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve come to believe they are less of “salvation requirements”… not so much a checklist, but more of ways to measure whether we have love for our neighbor. If we do love our neighbor, we would naturally end up doing some of these things. And if we have antipathy or apathy toward any, we should ask ourselves why and see if it is from a lack of charity.

The Church is called to do everything. As a member of the Church, you are called to do the things that you do well. For example, you might not be suited to visiting prisoners, but helping once a week at the homeless shelter might be do-able for you. Or maybe you find the homeless shelter too scary, and you’d rather distribute food hampers, or volunteer at a Goodwill store to provide clothing and household goods to the poor.

As long as each of us is doing something, the work will all get done, and the poor will be provided for. :slight_smile:

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