Is Evil the absence of Good?


On another thread (an entirley different topic and now closed) this post caught my attention:

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I would like to offer another idea for consideration. I have read in some of the responses that evil exist as something onto itself. But in the philosophy of St. Thomas, he offers that evil in itself does not exist. What we experience in evil is actually a lack of “The Good”.

This is a fascinating concept! It sort of goes along with the idea that darkness is actually the absence of light! If God is LIGHT, then to be separated from HIM is to be in darkness.

It also goes along with the teaching about the fruit of the spirit and the works of the flesh. It isn’t that the fruit or works saves a person, so much as that this is the characteristics of WHAT IS the character of the person. We can discern what and who we are, by examining our “fruit.”

Same with sin - we cannot be righteous and holy at the same time we are doing evil. The moment Adam and Eve started doing the wrong action, they could not longer be doing the RIGHT actions.

Or, that bitter and sweet water cannot flow from the same fountain. The scriptures say that bad communications cannot flow from the same mouth as evil communications.

This was a very good post and has given me a lot of food for thought! Thanks!

I agree that this is an awesome concept. I would like credit to go where it is due, as Thomas Aquinas made this “discovery” about a thousand years aafter St. Basil wrote of this in his “Hexamiron”; a collection of nine homilies concerning the first chapter of Genesis. Here are the words of St. Basil, the Great, a Doctor of the Church:

[LEFT]“Darkness, we reply, did not exist in essence; it is a condition
produced in the air by the withdrawal of light.”[/LEFT]

[LEFT]If you really want to be awestruck, then read, at least, the entire first and second homily. of course, if you read that far you will not be able to put it down till you’ve read all nine!:thumbsup: [/LEFT]


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