Is evolution possible?

Evolution is possible without any intervention.

Lets put facts and definitions together:

First, A system with a well define functioning can only exist if it is stable
Second, Randomness does not have any preference but it has the potential to disturb the stability of a system allowing that system reaches another stable point
Third, Evolution by definition is the process toward richer experience
Forth, Experience by definition is the ability to perceive an input from environment
Fifth, stability has direct relation with complexity hence richer experience
Sixth, any system need nutrition to sustain its functioning

The idea is whether randomness can provide a framework which allows evolution. This is possible based on previous facts. Consider a system being in a local stable point performing a set of specific functions. Randomness can disturb the system sending the system to another local stable point which could be more stable or less stable. It seems that net contribution of randomness is zero which is not since there is a tendency toward more stable points because nutrition is limited hence the more stable point is favorable.


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