Is EWTN a good channel?

Hi everyone. I was considering subscribing to EWTN and Salt & Light through our satellite provider.

In order to do that I have to upgrade out satellite dish and get hubby out there to change it.

I was wondering your opinions on the quality of programming and if it is worth it for us to do this.


EWTN is the best there is for Catholic TV. There are many great programs from Super Saints by Bob and Penny Lord, to Father Mitch Pacwa, Father Apostoli, the Rosary, Mass, children’s programming. They are faithful to the Roman Catholic Church and the Magesterium. Both Dish and Direct TV offer it as part of the basic satellite packages and don’t require an additional subscription. I would check into that.

My husband and I watch EWTN more than we watch any other channel in all of the offerings by our cable provider and he is the one with the clicker all the time.

To quote the late Pope John Paul II, “Mother Angelica, she is a strong woman.”

I’ll add a second for EWTN. It’s really the best. If I could only have one station, EWTN would be it. In fact, I wish our satellite provider would offer such a package with that one channel.

I highly recommend it. While not all of the programs appeal to there are many good ones. Besides what channel ever has all appealling programming.

This was discussed recently at this thread.

Haven’t tried to link a thread before so hope it works.:shrug:


I agree: lots of fluff throughout the day (fluff but thoroughly Catholic), but there are priceless gems on the network, The Journey Home and various specials and miniseries to name a few.


Never heard of Salt and Light…

EWTN is :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

James - Your link worked! Thanks.

kage-ar - Salt & Light is a newer Canadian Catholic channel. I checked them out briefly online today. Just googled Salt & Light Television and it came up.

I think I’ll go for it. I found out that the dish upgrade will be credited back to us in programming credits so it’ll just be the labour for my hubby to install it. :wink:


EWTN is great, I highly recommend it!:slight_smile:

I’ll add my voice to the chorus. We got our Dish TV just for EWTN, which wasn’t avaliable on cable. It is worth every penny!

I heard Cardinal Mahoney JUST LOVES EWTN:D

Ahhhh, Canada - that answers it :slight_smile:

You bet! :thumbsup:

Depending on where you are in Canada, you don’t need to get satelite to get those channels on TV. They come with Digital Cable. Just ask for it. My relative had both and didn’t even realize it until I told her to check the channel.

Gabriel - We’re already on satellite because we can’t get cable. :slight_smile:
We live in the country and unfortunately things like cable and high speed internet aren’t available here yet. :eek:

I’m looking forward to getting the dish upgrade done so I can order these 2 channels.

Thanks to everyone that took time to post their opinions for me!

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