Is EWTN Gone From The Time Warner Cable Line Up?

I live in Middletown,NY and have always enjoyed watching EWTN. I tried to get to the channel it is usually on and - no dice! I can’t find it anywhere on the line up. What happened? Does anyone here know?

Did you watch it on channel 97? It may have been moved there recently.

I’m not in your area, but for what its worth I still get it. I have Time Warner cable and live in the Milwaukee area.

still available here in Lincoln, Nebraska. If it wasn’t, I’d cancel cable IMMEDIATELY and switch to satellite in an instant!

Phew! Now I can breath easier. You guys are right it is on channel 97. Thanks for the tip!:slight_smile:

You guys are lucky! We’ve never had it on Time-Warner cable around here in Ohio. It’s on Dish tv, which we have, but I’m getting upset with Dish, and really don’t know what to do. In the last few days, some of our local channels have shrunk to about half size, with a black frame around them. I’ve called Dish and our local Toledo station, but no response. Maybe it has to do with the upcoming digital thing. Does anyone else have a similiar problem?

Comcast in Chicago seems to have moved EWTN off the basic package that it was always a part of and relocated it to some obscure place in the 600s, boosting it also to another level which requires one tp dole out extra dollars.

It’s never been part of Time Warner’s (formerly Adelphia) basic package around here. :frowning:

You have to get one of the digital cable tiers that require a cable box (as opposed to broadcast only or basic cable which don’t require a cable box.)

We get EWTN on channel 167 so we can only get it on the television with the cable box.

HELP! We just found out that we also do not have it. I was just watching it the other day. For Comcast to take this away from us right before Christmas is discusting! Can anyone help us? We can’t get out of the house and were planning to watch the Pope for midnight Mass. Is there a website that we can watch it on? Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

SNL will probably have a replay.

I was just about to say this neighbor. LOL I followed the Divine Mercy Chaplet today. :smiley: On 167 that is.

I almost never go in the room with the cable box so I don’t usually think to turn it on.:shrug: I did catch the Pope’s Christmas messages to the World, however.

For those who don’t get EWTN on TV, many of programs are available online. At least they are with Windows Media player. I don’t know about other formats.

It probably won’t work too well if people still have dial-up or one of the slower kinds of DSL.

Dropping EWTN from cable television seems to be the trend nowadays! I’m in Cedar Rapids, IA, and my last bill from ImOn Communications said that they were dropping EWTN as of April 15. The reason? They say it was due to contract changes, whatever that means. Well, I’m writing a letter to the editor in our local newspaper (I bet most Catholics in the area don’t know this is happening), and then I’ll promptly be changing cable providers. What a disappointment!

I live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area this past week 3/5/13 Time Warner took off EWTN and stated that customers could order a digital adapter free until Dec then they will charge for it. I contacted click on contact us, scrolled down and clicked on feedback and under that selected programming instead of kudos. This is bad that they selected EWTN , please enter you complaint, and let them know that you love EWTN. What a time for them to knock EWTN off, when the Catholic world is in the news. Wonder when they will do this to the other religious stations?

I’m not sure why a thread that’s nearly 4 years old was bumped to the top as that’s frowned on here, but I digress.

I’ll put my media geek hat on and explain what is going on. Cable systems across the country are moving to all digital broadcasting. By converting from the old analog system (basic cable) to digital, cable providers will be able to offer more HD programming and even faster high speed internet speeds. Analog signals eat up a ton of bandwith, for every one analog channel, a cable provider can offer 2 or 3 HD channels.

If you have a TV say 10 years old or older and not capable of receiving a digital or HD signal, you will need the digital adapter in order to receive any and all channels that you currently receive via analog.

Here locally, the main cable provider in the state went all digital last year and the picture quality on an analog TV is 5 times better than the picture quality I have with DirecTV on a TV that’s over 20 years old. The only channels that remain on analog are the broadcast local’s (ABC, CBS, etc.).

As I mentioned, if you have an older TV, you will need the digital adapter, if you have a newer, digital TV, you will need to get used to the world of having multiple networks on one channel (55.5; 55.7. 55.9, etc.)

I hope this makes sense.

I highly doubt that was the case. I say that because EWTN, other relgious networks like TBN as well as home shopping channels PAY cable and satellite providers to be carried. It’s the other way around with say ESPN, TNT, etc.

Thaks for the info… but why EWTN? Will they eventually change other networks say like TBN Trinity Broadcast Network too?

As I mentioned, yes, if you have an older TV, you will need a digital adapter for all channels you currently receive via analog.

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