Is EWTN pro-pre-Vatican II?

A priest recently told me that many priests don’t like EWTN because it’s pro-pre-Vatican II? When I responded, “so then it’s a little to the right?..”, he said “a little?!”

What do you hear/think? :confused:

It sonds like an unfortunate ideological bias on the part of your priest. I could be wrong, so find out more for yourself. I watch EWTN often enough to know that it is nothing of the sort. It is simply faithful to Catholic teaching.

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  1. I’ve not perceived that bias on EWTN

  2. If it is there and I’ve just missed it, I don’t think that the Church holds that everything PRIOR to Vatican II was in error. :smiley:

That was a funny and yet an extremely lucid comment. I get that, you get that. Getting my priest friend to get that makes for an interesting situation.

Has anyone else heard/felt anything about EWTN on this topic?

It’s been my experience that EWTN is very “pro-Vatican II.” Sometimes it’s a bit more “pro-Vatican II” than I like. It seems they’re always having programs about the documents of Vatican II, the documents of John Paul II (The Threshold of Hope, and the many programs they’ve had about Theology of the Body). Many of their prominent speakers seem obsessed with the writings of Vatican II, of John Paul II, and other post-conciliar documents. When they refer to earlier writings, it seems mostly to be a reference to further explain a Vatican II document or one of John Paul II’s writings. These types of programs do very little for me, but if they inspire someone else to grow closer to God, more power to them.

Mother Angelica called for Catholics to learn, teach, and preach what the Church teaches- not their customized version of it. There were- and still are (unfortunately)- **many **people who want to change the Church- to ordain women, to allow married men to become Latin Rite priests, to blur the distinctions of gender- in scripture, sacred music, and in everyday life, to hide the uniqueness and awesomeness of our faith in the name of ecumenism and secularism. Unfortunately, many of these people are clergy and religious- bishops, priests, deacons, sisters, and brothers. These people did not like Mother Angelica and EWTN because it spread the message they were rejecting- the message that they were hoping would become just a useless relic of the past that the sooner is forgotten about, the better.

Personally, I think God used Mother Angelica and EWTN to save the Church. I pray that EWTN continues to work towards accomplishing its mission, and I hope someday to see Mother Angelica canonized (I don’t mind if that takes a long time though- after all, I’d like her to stay with us for awhile longer).

It’s not that they’re “pro-pre-Vatican II”, it’s that they’re Catholic and accept it all. Their particular Catholic subculture isn’t my thing, but they seem doctrinally sound to me from what I’ve heard on the radio (I used to listen to Life on the Rock and Mother Angelica on the way home from night school).

As a previous post said, ETWN does not believe that everything prior to Vatican II was an error, which would annoy people who hold that opinon. Their masses also contain Latin and follow the rubric to the letter, which would displease priests who belong to the “Mad Libs” school of thought on that matter. Given how many people think that EWTN is a traditionalist Trojan horse, I think that the network has to reiterate that it is committed to a correct interpretation of Vatican II. Read Raymond Arroyo’s book on Mother Angelica to see how much trouble EWTN has had over the years from members of the hierarchy who dislike its orthodox stance (this is why the ad orientum masses can’t be televised).

I noticed that you(someone) referred to Mother Angelica in the past tense. Did she pass away? I know that several years ago she had a stroke, but that’s all I know. All of her appearances on EWTN are obviously old, so I guess she’s left us. I’d appreciate an update. I always just loved her. Thanks…Roanoker

I don’t know if I referred to Mother Angelica in the past tense or not, but she’s not dead. In fact, during the televised TLM on EWTN, she could be seen behind the grill with the other nuns.

There were- and still are (unfortunately)- many people who want to change the Church- to ordain women, to allow married men to become Latin Rite priests,…

**Emphasis added.

The Church DOES ordain married Latin rite priests. Haven’t you ever heard of the Pastoral Provision?**

It appears the consensus (of an admittedly micro sampling) is that EWTN is simply toe-ing the magisterial line with no programming either to the left or right of that. The real issue that some, including clergy, have with EWTN is that it goes against their own opinions which are in fact, to the left or right of EWTN. Did I capture that correctly, based on the comments thus far?


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