Is exaggerating in Confession a sin?

I recently win to confession, I exaggerated a whole lot and kind of lied in the opposite way in order to just make sure that I confessed everything.

For example: A person commits sin B 0-1 times in real life (maybe and most likely 0 times). The same person confesses to committing sin B many times.

Also if you change your tone of voice (loudness, clearness, mumble) when confessing a sin should you assume the priest understood unless he tells you.

Are either of these sin, if so are they mortal?

Thanks and may God bless you.


To deliberately exaggerate is to distort the truth. In your case, it is not your intention to distort the truth. I don’t see any sin here. But you are too much concerned with control. Basically, you are obsessing. Let go! Just confess your sins as you remember them and let God take care of it.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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