Is F.O.C.A. dead legislatively?

This is something of a non-news item (since there’s been no news) but it is of interest.

The Freedom of Choice Act (F.O.C.A.), which sought to codify Roe v. Wade and threatened medical workers’ ethical rights, has had no action taken upon it for nearly 26 months.

S. 1173 was referred to committee on 4/19/07, while H.R. 1964 was referred to subcommittee on 5/04/07.

I don’t know if that means the bills are actually dead or if there is some legislative or judicial burden that the Democratic leadership are attempting to overcome - ie, if Kagan is confirmed to Supreme Court would that ease the way for the bill’s passage?

Prayers are still needed, obviously, but perhaps this stall-out is evidence of the efficacy of prayer (as well as extensive letter-writing and protest).

I’d say it’s probably dead. The current version was sponsored by Barbara Boxer and Jerold Nadler more than 6 YEARS ago. People have been sponsoring, introducing, and reintroducing versions of it for over 20 years now and it always ends up in the same place; tucked away by the Judiciary Committees of the House and Senate and gathering dust on a desk somewhere.

This doesn’t mean we can get lazy and relax. Keep praying.
Because we can’t stop until it is stopped for good.
I heard that the anti-Catholic movement was supposedly going away, well now I hear it is picking up again.
We must NEVER let our gaurd down, even when it looks like it is done.
We can not let this happen again in the future.

Hopefully, I will start praying to.

May The Lord Our God Bless You All! Always!

Big project bills that can’t be passed in toto often end up being enacted on a piecemeal basis under the radar.

See the Obamacare package; passed just like Obama was elected, with the help of terribly misguided Catholics! Why spend time and energy and risk confrontation on something that can be slid under the door.

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