Is face to face reconciliation ok?

My parish offers reconciliation face to face or with the screen. The face to face has a chair for the penitent, the screen has a kneeler. As the priest is in persona Christi, is it disrespectful to take the chair instead of kneeling?

No, it is not disrespectful. Face-to-Face confession is a legitimate option recognized by the Church.


Complementary Norm: The National Conference of Catholic Bishops, in accord with the prescriptions of canon 964, §2, hereby decrees the following norms governing the place for sacramental confessions:

Provision must be made in each church or oratory for a sufficient number of places for sacramental confessions which are clearly visible, truly accessible, and which provide a fixed grille between the penitent and the confessor. Provision should also be made for penitents who wish to confess face-to-face…

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