Is Family Guy anti-Christian

One episode set in an alternate universive showed a world where Christianity never existed and was “advanced” (just imagine the uproar if the episode had a world without Islam that showed the World Trade Centre intact)

The Christians in the show are portryaed in a bad light either as luantics or hypocrite. The episode where Peter’s father was portrayed as a fanatical Catholic because he wanted the baby baptized or the episode where Lois was portrayed as a bigot for being against gay marriage and of course the episode where it was discovered Brian was an atheist. In which Christians were shown as illogical, bigoted and Brian was hounded for his atheism.

Maybe I am reading to much into it

Maybe, but I know for sure its creator is.

I would not put such a thing past them. At some point that show will offend everyone even if some are targeted more than others.

The better reason to not like Family Guy is that it really isn’t even that funny. It has its
moments but they are rare enough that I wouldn’t bother to watch the rest of the show.

Nope just stupid.

They thought making fun of 9/11 would be funny?

Seriously anyone who watches Family Guy (I don’t know how someppl would react if I switched out the “u” for an “a”) loses a bajillion respect points with me. It’s not funny, it’s stupid, it’s lame, and Seth McFarlane is fat and dumb.

Ahhh it feels good to get the anger out :smiley:

Don’t read to much into it, Family Guy offends everyone, that’s kind of the point of the show, it goes to the very line of what will be allowed to be broadcast, and what wont be, and tries to push that boundary just that little bit further (sometimes a lot further).

Actually the show is pretty against Christianity and left leaning, secular etc. The creator is also adamantly so. But then the entire tv and movie industry is biased this way. But no, you are not reading into it. It’s right there, not hidden. Research about the creator too, he hates that gays can’t marry, stuff like that.

Yes, Family Guy is anti Christian. I like it though, usually. It’s funny. It’s been going down hill a lot lately, but it’s been funny most of the time. I just ignore the anti christian jokes and shows.

There are a couple of reasons why I don’t watch Family Guy.

  1. It is offensive to my beliefs and values.
  2. It’s not funny.

I don’t waste one single moment watching this show.


Well Seth McFarlane is an atheist if you didnt know. :thumbsup:

It can be funny but it’s so offensive and gross that it’s hard for me to watch. Within 5 mins I turn it off bc of some crude joke. Used to watch it a lot. Now it has this trend of saying things that aren’t funny and have no discernible meaning except maybe to the writer–but the character says these lines as if they are a punchline. Like, how is a random guy mumbling “is this 1981?” even funny? It’s just a random pop culture reference. South park did a show making fun of family guy. They had manatee picking random pop culture references out of a tank, to write the scripts.
It’s insulting to me the family guy writers’ attitude is that we are so dumb we will laugh just because something is said in the tone of voice of a joke.

A recent episode I turned off made jokes about snuff films and really evil stuff related to that I won’t post. The argument “but they are just satirizing people that watch these films” doesn’t work because everyone decent already knows those films are evil. No need to satirize it. People who do view such films are beyond being changed by a supposed satire. So all this shock humor does is desensitize us to violence and evil. Why would a show need to do that? Also, shock humor replaces actual humor, which takes talent. Shock like that without substance, taken that far, seems like bad writers.

Family Guy is an equal-opportunity offender, so I’m not too upset really, although I do avert from any jokes directed at God, Jesus, our Lady.

And yes, it does take jabs at Muslims and Arabs, although I don’t think they’ve dared make a Mohammed joke yet. Jews and atheists are fair game as are conservatives and liberals.

First, let me say I don’t like “Family Guy” and never thought I would be defending it.

Seth MacFarlane has a very personal story about 9/11 and it has affected him deeply. I did actually watch this episode, knowing this fact about him for years. The episode struck me as a way the guy is trying to make some sense about the tragedy. Seth is actually a thoughtful, smart, caring guy. I can’t stand his show, but I know he’s a great guy. The last thing in the world he would want is for people to think he is in any way minimizing that tragedy.

Yeah, Seth MacFarlane is a huge atheist.

South Park is less offensive than Family Guy, and that says alot about how one show has matured slightly and the other has really degenerated into something even worse than what it was when it started(a slightly cruder Simpsons clone).

Family Guy always has and always will be “the mentally poor man’s Simpsons”…

I agree.

Good reasons.



I do believe its anti Christian myself
There are a few moments that it can be funny but its because of the off the wall, “what the heck did I just see?” scenes which are truly classic and not enough.

The same can be said of Robot Chicken, though I don’t know if one could call that show anti Christian. Family Guy has more slams against the faith than Robot Chicken does

Both the Simpsons and King of the Hill trump Family Guy all over the place as far as I am concerned.

I like American Dad better than Family Guy too…also Futurama is better …at least the eps before it was canceled and then remade on comedy central.

I think in a sense American Dad has a bit to be worse than Family Guy with the profanity, Roger, and even though the dad has ‘values’ he is seen as extreme and thus just another person to show religion especially christianity is wrong. Although they can be a bit funnier than American Dad. And I’d take the Fish over Brian any day.

Well, at least on American Dad they’re Episcopalian and not Catholic like on Family Guy. Roger is hilarious…and unlike Brian or even Stewie, he’s so extreme that he really is cartoonish and not treated seriously in any way. Roger doesn’t make any political points like Brian does all the time and not even any gender/gay points like Stewie does because Roger doesn’t even have a real gender. The only thing about Roger is, he’s always doing drugs and getting drunk…but he’s an alien, so it could be good for his health for all we know like how him being really mean is good for his health. That’s the magic of Roger.

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