Is Father Mitch Pacwa from EWTN Maronite?

Diakonia’s statement s actually worded correctly. The Maronite church is distinct from the Latin church sui iuris. As for rite, the Maronite is West Syriac Antiochene.

The Maronite church is part of the Catholic Church, actually one of twenty-three. Between the 22 Eastern churches, three families of Rites are in use (Alexandrian, Antiochene and Byzantine). Four if you count Armenian separately.

The Armenian is always counted separately, even in the CCEO. As well, there is the Chaldean Rite. And, until very recently, the Maronite Rite has been separately delineated from the Antiochene Rite and, by many, still is.

You missed the distinction of Rite between Chaldean/East Syrian and Antichene/West Syrian Rites. They are different enough to be distinguished in Canon Law.

Oh okay

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, is a Jesuit, that is, a priest belonging to the religious order The Society of Jesus founded by St. Ignatius. He has competency and permission to offer the Maronite Mass. He speaks 12 languages and has studied Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures extensively. In other words, no, he is not and never has been a Maronite priest.

Although you are correct as regards Father Pacwa, do not equate the fact that he is a Jesuit with an inability to be a priest of a Church other the Latin Church. See my post earlier in this thread as regards priests of the Society who are ordained to the service of an Eastern Catholic or Oriental Church, rather than to the Latin Church.

I’m not equating anything with anything. My statements are complete and speak for themselves, and are entirely accurate, as you yourself acknowledged. If you “posted earlier” your explanation, then it’s here in black and white for all to see. You don’t need to try to twist something out of my very direct and simple clarification.

No, your statement does not speak for itself - and I am a tad less inclined to be impressed by your bullying than those you’ve gone after in threads on other fora. Your statement clearly implied that Father Pacwa could not be a Maronite priest because he is a member of the Society - which is untrue.

Your post also implied that Father’s studies of Middle Eastern culture and his linguistic abilities have something to do with his being able to serve the Holy Qurbono. In fact, he can serve it because he has been granted bi-ritual (more properly, bi-ecclesial) faculties to do so - which could have been granted even if he was otherwise totally ignorant of Middle Eastern culture and lacked any linguistic capabilities.

Check Catholic Update for information on the 23 CATHOLIC CHURCHES. These are Churches with Major Archbishops or Patriarchs. They follow one of 5 different rites. Latin, Byzantine, East Syriac, West Syriac, Maronite.

For those who want to see Fr. Pacwa celebrate the Maronite Qurbono, I suggest coming to Texas during Holy Week. He is at this direction especially during the Holy Triduum:

Our Lady of Lebanon
719 University Place
Lewisville , Texas 75067

Phone: (972) 436-7617

He give thought-provoking sermons. I know because I am always at Our Lady of Lebanon, especially during Holy Week.:smiley:

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