Is feeling pressure to marry a reason considered for annulment?

My boyfriend who was married by the catholic church only married because his father who is an extreme catholic told him he “had to do the right thing”, after he had relations with a woman which resulted in a pregnancy. In that point of his life he was very young and not looking nor ready to marry, let alone be a dad. But felt the pressure of his father and decided to marry her. He met her at a night club in the country where he was working while in the military and only saw her a couple times after. He was never really involved with her like a man in love courting a woman, is. When he was told she was pregnant he ‘freaked out’. He didn’t want her to proceed with the pregnancy (again, very young, unknowledgeable and unprepared) but after his talk with his father he decided to “do the right thing”. So he went on about his military career and a year after the child was born he came back to the country where she was from (where he had met her) for the marriage ceremony. Then soon after left again as he was vested in his military career and not in being a husband. In the beginning he went back and forth for visits but not frequent. Then a year or 2 later sent for her to live with him on the base once he was assigned .They did later have another child but again, not planned. I guess you can say he just stayed because he felt he had to. He was never really invested in the marriage. But did man up and took care of his responsibilities. He was a provider first and foremost. The relationship was always very rocky, with a lot of arguments and fighting. He traveled a lot for his work and never looked forward to coming home. They have now been divorced for 3 years after a 2 year divorce process (so separated for 5 years all together) But just recently he began the process for an annulment. Just wondering if it would be obvious to the tribunal that the sacrament was just never there.

Being pressured into a marriage you would not otherwise have entered into would be possible grounds for an annulment. However it needs to be proven to the tribunal that this pressure truly affected the person’s consent. Many individuals feel pressure but still freely chose to act. If the individual can satisfy the tribunal with testimony and witnesses that he was so pressured into the marriage that he truly lacked the ability to consent to a life long, exclusive and fruitful marriage then the marriage would be declared null.

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