Is fictional Canon being taken too seriously?


I understand the importance of fictional canon(original credit, property, money etc), but I see it being taken more seriously than it should, like the whole fate of our world hangs in the balance because of it. Can’t consciously disagreeing fans just have a multiverse? Canon in Fiction is taken way too seriously, its not the same as Historical or Biblical Canon because none of it is even real, its fiction, and thus has no real consequence.

It just means the original and legally official one which you cant hijack credit or make money off of(unless you got a deal with the creators or something). To call others in denial/delusional one to change the story to their own liking and those like-minded and following it in order to find peace and resolution/closure is just ridiculous. Dumb rules made up by an inflexible modern audience who try force reality into fiction and fiction into reality. Besides, by the time we’re all a bunch of old people stories like this will become public domain and thus become free to reinterpret.

Look at the original Star Wars EU, with all of its life and thriving stories(though now that I look at it the Yuuzhan Vong were a concept that could have worked but poorly executed) I consider it part of a multiverse now due to how much work and effort went into it. To me its a matter of how much life and effort is put into it. And how Rian Johnson had SABOTAGED the potential of the sequel trilogy, we needed this as something to return to after such a vile failure that schismed the entire Star Wars fanbase, one of the oldest fan bases in the 21st Century that deserved respect. They filled generational gaps and brought people together in ways no other way could, same could say about Transformers, GI Joe, Dragonball, and Pokemon.

Stories of such mythological magnitude,to be specific for the sake of avoid rabid loyalist fandoms I shall keep some stories anonymous, to me are the same. All great stories can be reinterpreted and re-imagined in different ways, if that wasn’t true, we would never have works like the Transformers franchise or DC and Marvel, and please spare me the legal jargon. These worlds by they’re very nature are meant to be reinterpreted, as long as it maintains its core ideals and theme’s

You could argue Disney’s interpretations of Myth and Fairy Tales(Brothers Grimm, Aesop’s Fables) are fanfictions/reconstructions of the more brutal stories, they just have the money and power to promote it and the “canon” works themselves are public domain

Sir Lancelot HIMSELF was a fanfiction character made up centuries, ago in some medieval hippy “free-love” thing. I’m not kidding. Here’s a link

Canon in fiction is important of original story, credit, and profit, but to treat it as something that cannot be disagreed with or be altered to ones own perception as if it would destroy the world is melodramatic and a waste of genuine concern that should be directed to more serious matters


@Retro_Ace , you spelt “etc.” wrongly .


fixed, thank you for pointing it out


I’ll agree that copyright laws have become too restrictive, but we shouldn’t forget why they were established in the first place: the printing press made mass-production of books relatively cheap, but printing presses themselves were expensive. Many print shops mass-produced copies of books and sold the copies without paying the authors. Quite naturally, people regarded it as unethical to profit off another man’s work without his consent and against his interest. Copyright laws ensured that printing houses had to pay authors a fair price for making copies of their books, and the arts flourished as a result. Also, it should be noted, you can’t copyright anything that’s already in the public domain; only the modifications can be copyrighted (e.g. the ruby slippers in the film “The Wizard of Oz,” which were not in the original book).


I am aware of that but what I am saying is that what it should be only seen as and nothing else, not some magic rule that loyalist/purist fans say “you cant rewrite the story to your liking to give you peace that’s delusional and selfish”.

People rewrite stories such as fan-fiction often do so without such intentions, not for profit or for money, often for changing a character’s fate, re-imagining them, for better or for worse. I will keep anonymous on what rewrite I’m working on, but I have no intentions to make money off it or such.

Its when fans who act like fiction pharisees and accuse you of being “an entitled fanboy”(their boogeyman like how the Left uses Hitler as a boogeyman) for seeing the story possibly going differently or reworked/rebooted to show an alternate path which you believe in with solid foundations as such to the point you cant leave these characters to their original fates, not for your own sake but for theirs and those who were disappointed and frustrated how these characters ended up. It’s more meant to be therapeutic than anything else

Transformers, Marvel, DC, and even one time He-Man had re-imaginings of such things all the time, the difference was their’s were legal to make money and get credit off of because well they invented these franchises and hired others/made a deal with them, to re-imagine them. By the time my generation is 70 a new company would probably reimagine Gravity Falls made by a writers fanfic retelling of the story, and not the cringe inducing kind, back when they were young.


If you’re just writing fan fiction for your own fun, who cares what anyone else thinks? I honestly don’t get the point of this thread.

If what you need is a judgment-free zone for writers of fanfic, head over to November is National Novel Writing Month (Na-No-Wri-Mo) and there are loads of folks who write 50K words of fanfic in that month. They have a forum on the website, and right now more people are starting to show up – and the activity on the forums will increase significantly the closer we get to November.

Check it out and have fun with your choice of writing. I’m more in the adventure/young adult category of writing.


Believe me, I’ve seen far worse. There are people who issue death threats or try to repeal the First Amendment because the writer didn’t give them the ending they wanted.


Which gets to my next point, it’s two heads of the same beast, 2 detached elites that presume to know what’s best for everyone


The point of the thread is that people seem to forget of the other extreme of the spectrum which are loyalists who commit idolatry to the show and the writers and white-knight every decision they make and attack anyone who makes any criticism or retells/reimagine’s the story in a way that even slightly disagrees with them. Either the shock-value thirsty vitriolic and blatant “kill yourself” internet hooligans or the more snide Pharisee-like “You are a shortsighted and uncultured swine, this had to be done and here’s why and why you are selfish and entitled for disagreeing with this.” group, who while not in it for shock value, shoot down and talk down on differing voices and believe they are doing God’s work, notably for this obsession of “realism” and “consequences” to the point they impede the mythology of a fictional world



Hmmm… well, I have no idea who these people are that you’re talking about. Wanna throw us a bone there?

Are you talking about an online community? Are you talking about people in real life saying this stuff? Either way, seems to me you get to choose the company you keep. If people treat you like cr*p, why are you hanging around them? Why are you letting them use you as target practice for their immaturity and self-aggrandizement?

Seriously, SO WHAT if some people don’t like fanfic? Find a community that does love it and hang around with them online and in real life.

Anyway, to answer your question – no, canon is not being taken too seriously. If people love canon and want to keep to it and discuss it and dissect it ad nauseum, then that’s what they should do. Just as some people love fanfic making up their own stories, alternate backstories, alternate endings and the like, and they should engage with like-minded people to enjoy their interests.

But let’s be honest, when it comes to works of fiction, people usually just wanna be on one side or the other – canon or fanfic. This is entertainment – and people generally just want to enjoy their entertainment their way. My experience is that people only get ugly about this when others are saying things that interfere with their own enjoyment of their chosen entertainment.

In other words, find a group that likes fanfic, and you won’t have problems.

Me, I prefer canon. When I write, it’s my own unique story, not a play on somebody else’s. But that’s just me. I have zero problem with you or anybody else writing or creating art or imagining whole alternate universes within fanfic. But don’t be surprised if I don’t really care to hear all about it. It’s just not my thing.


Oh, the Mass Effect 3 ending…I thought the ending was poorly done, but the community’s reaction was even worse. Outside of GamerGate, I don’t think I’ve seen things get that bad among gamers, and I was pretty active in the CoD/BF communities for a while.


I guess I’m not making my point clear, I agree whole heartily, nobody has to like what and each should work with others like-minded, they’re not the groups I’m talking about. The group I’m talking an online community that are rather cultish group who will go out of their way to shoot down peoples fanfics, critiques, or rewrites/re-imaginings out of some idea of maintaining “purity” or stop being “pathetic and sad and accept things” and linger on many social networks and forums (facebook, twitter, wiki discussion pages, tumblr(dun dun dun) and youtube) and they are either pompous and condescending or barbaric and tell people to kill themselves or words I cant repeat on this site.


Well, I assume you’re not under court order to frequent these sites/Facebook pages.

At this moment, you are 24 hours closer to death than you were this time yesterday. Why are you spending your one precious life soaking your psyche in this sort of vitriol?

I’m done here. Peace.


I can only say, “‘op mIywI’ chu’ nIS Hoch” (everyone needs some fun)



People can’t eliminate religion from their lives. If they won’t have anything to do with real religion, they’ll invent a quasi-religion. This phenomenon is no different than soccer hooligans.


Except for the rioting and car burning, I guess.

Anyways, you seem to be asking why - or perhaps noting that - people who have fanatic enthusiasm and strong opinions about some topic act in fanatical ways about it.

Well, that’s people for you, I guess.


The problem is the more condescending or apathetic bunch talk more smoothly and more professional

If those who tell people to kill themselves are mindless internet trolls, then I suppose the former bunch would be sneering internet goblins, if thats even a thing


I just take 1-6 of Star wars as canon.

People can mourn about how Luke turned out in the new trilogy, but why have it in your heart as if it’s set in stone when you can imagine a better ending/life for him?

Thankfully with fanfiction we can also have a different ending for Anakin Skywalker in Return of the Jedi. :grin:

I also don’t consider Dragonball super canon.

I write fanfiction.


I don’t think its so much he died rather than how Johnson had gutted his character in his whole “subvert expectations” shtick. In the EU Luke had a much more productive and wholesome role which while I did not expect the sequel trilogy 100% emulate, I expect more and something alluding to that, written well, and heck I would have been okay with his death if they didn’t do it in such a character-butchering way.

By the way the sequel’s trilogy is going, its potential decimated, I may have to retreat back to the EU, and the EU was too complicated for me that’s how bad it bummed me out!

Its like what Michael Bay did to Optimus Prime in Dark of The Moon to The Last Knight, such an insult.


There’s always Star Wars fanfiction instead of the EU. I haven’t read the EU.

You can try writing some yourself if you want…:grin:

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