Is Fighting in hockey a sin?


What do u think


I voted YES, but only because fighting is out of anger. Hockey as a sport is not out of anger. It is out of recreation and exercise.

Hockey is NOT a sin. Karate, boxing, football are NOT a sin.

Only if the fighting, punching, tackling is out of pure anger to another. If it is for mutual recreation and physical exercise there is nothing wrong.


Our city’s high school hockey team have been state champions for eleven years in a row. Our professional hockey team just won the Colonial Cup! Yay!

From what I’ve seen, at the younger levels, there are strict penalties for fighting or even appearing to fight. I saw a game once with young boys, where the goalie was put in the penalty box for hitting his stick on the ice!

I’ve heard from coaches that in the professional games, the fights are part of the game. Certain “bruisers” are responsible for starting fights to upset the equilibrium of the opposing team so that plays can be set up and goals scored. Not sure if that’s “official” or not, but apparently, it’s one strategy.

My kids were (and still are) figure skaters, so we saw a lot of hockey and for the most part, enjoyed it. There’s a “friendly” rivalry between hockey skaters and figure skaters. There’s a slogan going around-“The only pads figure skaters wear are Kotex.”

I thoroughly support youth hockey. I think it’s a great sport for “bigger” kids (boys or girls) who are too “fat” to feel comfortable running around outside wearing shorts and a tank top. Hockey is a “cool” sport that allows them to wear bulky outfits and not get made fun of for being overweight. And in hockey, bigness is an ADVANTAGE! When my kids were in high school, the high school team goalie was 6’7" and weighed almost 300 pounds–and he could do a Chinese splits! It was almost impossible for the other teams to get past him! And he was a teddy bear off the ice–all the little kids loved him!

I thoroughly recommend hockey to parents whose kids are showing signs of being “fat.”

I also believe that cities with thriving hockey teams, amateur and professional, generally have thriving synchronized skating teams. The top synchro teams in our nation are from cities with top hockey teams. There’s just something about hockey that encourages a “team” mentality rather than an “individual sport” mentality. It’s just a theory, but I believe there’s a lot of evidence to support it. For many years, our city didn’t have synchro teams and kids had to commute to the nearby “big city” to be on a synchro team. Now that we have thriving high school and professional hockey teams, we have six synchro teams for several age and skill levels, and every year for the past six years, we’ve sent at least one team to Synchro Nationals.

Go hockey!


so fighting in hockey wouldent be a sin?


Only if they are doing it out of meaness or anger. Which I know can happen in hockey, football, boxing, etc.

If they are playing by the rules and playing the game for competition and fun…then there’s nothing wrong.

Here’s something I read on EWTN. It is by Father Stephen Torraco:

violent sports
Question from on 04-27-2007: Football, hockey, lacrosse, etc. are violent sports with brutal physical contact. Why is it not sinful to participate in/watch them? Or could it be? I would think there is a difference between these and, say, boxing, for instance, where the expressed objective is to injure your opponent. Thanks and God bless, Bob
Answer by Fr.Stephen F. Torraco on 04-29-2007: The physical contact in the sports to which you refer is not in principle expressive of personal hatred of another person, just as a parent’s spanking his or her child is not expressive of personal hatred of his or her child.


so if my boy was playing with a hockey actio nfigure and made them fight would that be sinful?


Just playing hockey…which can be a rough sport sometimes…no, I don’t think so. Making a “Mortal Combat” scene out of the action figures…or doing things that would put the players in the penalty box (hitting with sticks, fist fights, etc.) you probably should say something. But just playing a good natured game of hockey…sure thing!

#8 would that be a fight of anger or sportsmenship? or …


but its sportsmen ship :o


Fighting is part of the gamesmanship of hockey, the game couldn’t exist without it. Contact in hockey is so much more intense than in any other game skilled players have to be able to rely on enforces to protect them. Defenders have to know there will be consequences for their actions and I’m not talking about time in the box.


Fighting in hockey is a requirement.


Boys seem to like smacking each other for fun, rather than in anger or out of wanting to hurt the other guy. My friend’s teenage brother has a game with his friends where they have to hit each other as hard as they can (and she and I are :rolleyes:). That’s pretty much what hockey fights are.


So its not a sim with anger or with out anger?


In professional hockey, the intent is often to hurt the other player and is done in anger…so yes, it would be a sin.



People who haven’t played hockey just have no idea what’s going on. Fighting isn’t about hurting the other player and it’s not about anger. It is about protecting your teammates. When hockey player is trying to hurt an opposing player he uses the stick, spearing or butt ending, not fist fighting.


Again, I said that it is often done out of anger…not all the time. :thumbsup:


I don’t think there’s anything wrong or sinful about it. Depends on which Maple Leaf you want to clobber.


HAHAH, that was good. Damn those Leafs.

I think even out of anger it isn’t a sin, sometimes. Many people here don’t play hockey and don’t understand the morale benefits of seeing a fit, and how much a good fight can change momentum. Don’t forget, you get hurt fighting to, knuckles to face is going to hurt your hand. When you’re angry like McSorely or Bertuzzi and make it a blatant attack, then yes, its a sin.

When done out of anger, its still not a personal attack. You are trying to beat this team and sometimes a good way to release all your adrenaline to get your team pumped is to have a scrap with another guy.

At the end of they day when you walk out of the dressing room past everyone without any of your equipment you don’t really know whos who anyways.


Now it brings up the question will the leafs ever win the cup agian

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