Is food blessed by a Catholic or Christian priest considered unclean in Judaism

I was reading the Book of Daniel last night and I read how Daniel and his friends rejected food from the king’s table, because it was considered unclean under Jewish dietary laws on the grounds that it might have been sacrificed to an idol. I’m curious, would food blessed by a Christian priest be considered unclean in Jewish dietary laws? If were blessed in the name of Jesus or in the name of The Father, The Son, Or The Holy Spirit?

AFAIK, the Jews do not believe in Jesus or Christianity and therefore it makes no difference if Christian priests bless the food. As long as it does not confirm to their dietary law, I think they would consider the food as being unclean.

Unlike in Islam (I believe), in which halal food must be blessed, kosher food need not be blessed by a rabbi. One must recite a blessing before and after consuming the food, however. In particular, it must conform to strict dietary laws, including its preparation and cleaning, the method of killing (if pertaining to animals), and the dishes, utensils, sinks, and ovens used to cook or eat it. So if a priest were to bless food in the name of Jesus or the Trinity, that would not make it non-kosher so long as it is prepared and cleaned according to the dietary laws. Christianity is NOT considered idol worship by Judaism. The instances of wine and grape juice are unique, since they must be carefully prepared by observant male Jews. This was once the case of wheat and oil products as well. But again, it refers to the preparation of the food, not the blessing.

Thanks! Very interesting.

Meltzer is correct! :thumbsup:

Funny, just talked to my observably Jewish mom yesterday (of course!). She’s very fond of Catholicism. She’s about the third Jew I know who’s said, “If I wasn’t Jewish, I’d be Catholic.” And our sweet parish deacon likes to say, “If I wasn’t Catholic, I’d be a Jew!”


And Jesus was a Catholic (Christian) and a Jew :slight_smile:

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