Is foolishness or ignorance a sin?


If you do not think critically about something before making a decision


It depends on what you have in mind. Sometimes we do not realize we have a decision before us, so there is no decision. We just act. We see a paper fall behind a desk so we reach our arm back there without thought, oblivious to the mouse trap back there that will catch our fingers. This is an accident.

Other times we do realize there is info to be gathered before acting, but we don’t want to bother or we fear that we will find that we can’t act, so we deliberately act in ignorance. Sort of like blowing up a building without bothering to make sure no one is inside or choosing IVF without investigation, since we strongly suspect if we do investigate, we won’t be able to proceed. These are the wrong.


So long as your choice is legal and moral… there is a good case for following your gut feeling about something without needing to overthink it. Some people find the process of critical thinking a natural approach. Just so long as you don’t think it is the only or superior approach to every decision.


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