Is “For Greater Glory” a good or bad movie?


I haven’t seen the movie yet, but when I first heard about the film “For Greater Glory,” the vast majority of what I heard about the movie was positive. The only negative things I heard about it were:

  1. The movie leaves out much of the anti-Catholic sentiments and actions among the political elites in Mexico, in the history leading up to the Cristiada and;
  2. The film leaves out the tragic ending to the Christiada and portrays the ending in a much more positive light than what really happened.

However yesterday, when I looked up the movie, I discovered that the movie didn’t do well in the box office, and was slammed by movie critics. I couldn’t help but suspect that the critics of the movie showed what looked like anti-Catholic bias, but other Christian movies like “War Room” and “Little Boy” have been slammed by critics and thousands flock to see them, so what’s happening here? Does “For Greater Glory” fall for short in its portrayal in the Cristiada, or is it merely the sentiment of the movie critics and the media that kept people away, and caused the movie to flop at the box office?


I really liked the movie. The writing, acting and directing were so much better than most Christian movies.


If you liked the movie and it was morally decent (which it was) then who cares what critics say about it? Thankfully we now have streaming home video everywhere so our tastes are not ruled by some critic or some theatre owner.


When my friends saw the movie in the theater and liked it, I bought the DVD and thought it was excellent. Several times I have showed it to others and watched it again. All were inspired by it.


I saw it in the theater when it first came out, and I liked it a lot! Was it the greatest movie I’d ever seen? No, but it was good, and it told of an important time in our recent history that could too easily be forgotten.


One of my favorite movies. It only had a limited theater release (only 1 theater around me played it when it came out) and basically unless your into Catholic stuff chances are you never heard of it. This is a great shame as its an amazing movie. In my top 5 favorite movies of all time.


I really love the movie.

It is a very high-budget one, so the quality is very good.
It is very moving emotionnally.

It takes some liberties with history (the legendary history of Gorostieta, for eg), and compress the time, and yes it forget the tragic end of the last christiada, and the last christeros being excommunicated.
It is the choose of the scenario.

For me, it was an incredible way to do more research on the subject. I know before of the existence, but not the details.

We should add that the controversed founder of the Legionaries of Christ was a child when the Christiada takes place. And this influenced him greatly to concept them.

It introduces many people, outside of Mexico, to the Christiada, which is an unknown and taboo part of history, because people raised up in the defense of the Church and their religious freedom.

And as we lived in very dechristinized societies, which claims to have “liberated” themselves from the dark and immorals chains of Catholicism, this history is counter-popular.

As for France, the medias critics are mostly against the film’s message. One catholic newspaper (la Croix) even said that unfortunately some people will draw parallel with same-sex marriage “debate” and contestation and will found justification in their opposition. And that the christiada is not christian, because the Gospel forgive all violence.

The diffusion in theaters was small, and the public essentially Catholics who came thanks to publicity on the catholics networks.


Far better than War Room or Little Boy, IMO.

Captivating, well-done, cool… I really like FGG


I can’t say I enjoyed the movie, especially some of the scenes depicting torture, but it was a powerful movie that I think every Catholic in the U.S. should see at least once. “Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.”


Yes, i agree that torture scene are not something enjoyable…

It is a long time ago now, but as far as I remerber, the film does not offer to much, such as blood etc.

And, unfortunately it is far below the reality in this topic.


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