Is Forgery a mortal sin?

I forged a random student’s father’s signature because his father wasn’t here for 6 months according to him. I asked if his father would sign it if he was here, and he said yes. So I forged his dad’s signature for a field trip competition for his ROTC thing. This student was a friend of my friend, and I don’t know whether to trust him or not, but I took his word, and signed anyway, out of fear of looking mean and wanting to help? Is this grave matter?

Thank you in advance.

He lived at a friends house for those 6 months apparently. That doesn’t surprise me though because that’s relatively common.

I am not going to get into whether it was grave matter or not, but it certainly was not right. You had no right to speak for his father in giving permission. Either a relative of his, or the parents of the friends house he stayed at should have given permission, not you. What if something were to happen to him on this field trip that you gave permission to attend,

The “random student” was wrong to ask, and you were wrong to comply with his request.


Please discuss this with your priest in confession.

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