Is Franciscan "Alternate Orthodoxy" heretical?

I have attended three monthly meetings of Secular Franciscans in my area recently to explore a calling to this lay order. The one thing I have primarily drawn from their presentations and in private conversations from their formation director is that they prioritize that Jesus’ coming in the Incarnation was not to save us from sin but out of God’s great love for us. I do not see how you can separate the two and prefer one reason over the other, if we can understand this great mystery at all. I find myself thinking…“What difference does it make?” I am struggling to see their point of view in an orthodox context.

Thank you for your commentary…I look forward to it.

Dear friend,

To deny that Jesus became incarnate to save us from sin IS heresy. His coming to redeem us is a dogma and not a matter of opinion. Saving us from our sins is the direct result of His love for us. You are correct; it is not either or, but both and.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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