Is G-d working through daily terrible events in Japan as well?

I have learned that G-d allows bad things to happen only if He can bring good from them. Is this true in Japan where 99% is non Christian and very secular? People generally avoid religions and so are very far distant from Him. I want to believe firmly that He is concerned with each small event even in this society and that he allows each evil because he plans to bring greater good from each bad event in Japan as well.

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Well its very general and reckless to say that 99% of people in Japan is non christian. Thats over 125 million people you put under a scope. We must always have trust in the love and Mercy of God. His patience and love is something we cannot even begin to fathom. This truth is even more grounded because He became man and took on our lowly and errant nature. He knows what its like to feel love and anger, humor, sadness and to be betrayed and hated and revered and ignored. He knows everything.

Remember that God was patient and merciful enough to Sodom that he sent his angels to find righteous people

Read Genesis 18:23-32 it shows the justice and mercy of God working together. So you cant really they an entire nation is godless because every nation has holy and righteous people who Trust in the Lord. The Catholic Church in Japan- although may be much smaller than in nations like the US, Canada or Spain or Italy - is still preaching the Gospel and baptizing in the name of The Father, Son and Holy Ghost as Jesus said in Matthew 28:19


It’s closer to around 95-98%, but the OP isn’t far off the mark percentage wise: Christianity is a very, very minor religion in Japan.

Also I think the OP is Japanese going by their username and profile picture.


YES. God is the same in all parts of the world, whether He is recognized as God or not. He is omnipotent. He wants all people to return to Him.
Sometimes people feel Him sometimes they don’t, He helps and works anyway.

From what I know the extra expectation from Him come only for us, Christians, because in Baptism and Chrismation we have received a lot of Charisms, and we must use them to worship Him and do good in the world. A Christian rejecting God is far worse than a non-Christian do not recognizing who God is, because a Christian has received the gift of the Holy Spirit and rejecting God from that perspective is blasphemy.
From this perspective a former Christian nation is in greater spiritual peril than a non-Christian nation.

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Correct. Our Lady loves Japan. Jesus loves Japan.


Trust in God, pray for Japan.

Japan has an approved Marian apparition (Our Lady of Akita), the Miracle of Hiroshima, many sainted martyrs, and Catholics who were so dedicated they preserved the faith underground for 200-300 years when there were no priests or anything.

God loves Japan. We must pray that more people there learn to love God back.


Thanks. 99% is statistically non Christian in Japan. I think you can google. But no wonder you don’t get this number. Japan is a unique nation.

Do you know of Our Lady of Akita in Japan?

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Yes. I am a Japanese Catholic. 1% is the number I always hear among Catholic and Protestant Christians when talking about how minor the Christian population is here.

Yeah. I visited the church in Akita twice before. May be because I mainly read English articles about good faith things that I somehow believe He is working among Christians and their countries but have some difficulty in believing He is also working through daily events in Japan. Christian posts here are not abundant and also I tend to read the English ones because I personally found them more comfortable and encouraging to read.


From Matthew 5:45 and Luke 13:4-5 we know that natural events and accidents are not directed or determined according to the neglect or attention of people towards righteousness. Everyone suffers in this life from evil, personal or not, and will be judged according to whether or not they repented. This is a fallen world, and it remains fallen, wherever we are. God is the same everywhere and always. A Japanese Christian is not subject to a different providence than a German, or Ethiopian, or American. What matters is our spiritual choice for faith, hope and — especially — charity, despite evil.


Japan is dying because the youth have lost hope; they do not reproduce, and have the world’s highest suicide rate. Only the Gospel can deliver Japan from this self-inflicted fate, but if Japan is converted en masse to the Church, it will restore all that is good about Japanese culture and revitalize the population. God has set both life and death, blessing and cursing, before Japan, just as He has set them before every nation. Which Japan will choose, I do not know, but now sitting on the Chrysanthemum Throne is a descendant of Catholics. If Emperor Naruhito were to convert to the Faith of his mother’s youth, I do believe it would be the catalyst for mass conversions among the Japanese people. Not since Augustus Constantine took the throne of Rome has the Church had such an opportunity to glorify God.


would love to see Japan converting as a nation. Our lady of Akita pray for us


Our Lady of Akita, pray for us.


I don’t know so much about the bringing of greater good out of particular evils. I tend to look at the big picture of salvation. I also don’t think we should get hung up on the numbers, no matter how small. The way I see this is that it doesn’t matter how few Christians or Catholics there are in Japan. God can do a lot with a little. We don’t know how many souls can be saved through the prayers and sufferings of the faithful there or anywhere else in the world.

For instance, Jesus told St. Faustina that a thousand souls had received graces through her prayers in the moment she was praying. So if so many had received graces in that moment, how many might receive graces over the course of a whole day of praying and offering up our sufferings. Granted, we’re not as holy as St. Faustina but it does make us think about how powerful prayer might just be.

Faustina then says (in paragraph 1783):

“We do not know the number of souls that is ours to save through our prayers and sacrifices; therefore, let us always pray for sinners.”

We can’t know in what ways God will bring a greater good from each bad event. All that we can really concern ourselves with is praying and offering up our sufferings and sacrifices and trusting that the love generated by our prayers and sacrifices will bring the greatest good–salvation to many souls. And from all that I’ve read, it seems that our prayers are even more powerful when we don’t feel warm about our prayer life; that is, when we are in a dry spell. Apparently, when we exercise our will and pray anyway during these periods, even when we don’t feel like it, that is very powerful in the unseen realm.

I like this quote from Fr. Jean C.J. D’Elbee. He talks about this very thing, that is, the small number of Christians compared to the large number of unbelievers and our duty to them through prayer.

He says:

“Some are astonished when they see the number of unbelievers, the number of pagans, the impious and impenitent sinners in the world compared to that of the faithful; there is a surprising disproportion there that is hard to explain. One might wonder whether the Redemption has not failed after all. I think Divine Providence has permitted this (I purposely say permitted and not willed) in order that fervent souls may live the apostolic spirit in a better way, with a greater desire to save unfaithful souls seeing how many there are and that they may share even more the thirst of Jesus on the Cross and his Heart which goes out to the multitude. And then because his chosen souls, his privileged, his elect will love him with a greater love Jesus himself will have mercy on others. You see your responsibility!” – (from p 107 in Consoling the Heart of Jesus)

God Bless you in Japan!


Are American and European nations plunging into secular societies like Japan? That’s not good. I talked to several Christians before in Japan who were converted after they visited USA. USA and European nations are giving witness to Japanese people who regular visit or do work there.


if Japan is converted en masse to the Church, it will restore all that is good about Japanese culture and revitalize the population.

I think so, too. But Japanese people in general see the religion as an escape for emotionally/mentally weak people. Thus, they tend to avoid the religion, and sadly even take their lives rather than asking for help from the religious groups. Cult religions like Aum made such terrible impression on religions. While people see Christianity favorably, they somehow are very resistant. I don’t know if I could be converted if I have not spent my teen years in USA.

Thanks! I don’t know if I could find such a fervent comment easily on Japan’s Internet. This is why I keep coming to read Christian comments in English. I have sometimes wondered what good could come out of my daily prayer. Although I try to pray one hour each day, I pray for several intentions and many people. I have thought may be I should narrow my intention and people to a lot fewer number so they can receive more grace from my prayer. But the people and intentions I pray for are all precious to me. But your comment tells me my prayer may be doing a lot to each intention and each person. Your comment is very useful and uplifting. I hope to see my friends and family members in Heaven so I keep praying. Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


sadly, Europe has become very secular. And strangely enough the once atheist Communist Russia is turning back to her Christian roots.

America is also becoming more secular but is still a majority Christian country. Africa is very Christian where they don’t have to deal with Islam.

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Daily prayer leads to a closer relationship to Jesus Christ. All prayer is beneficial. You may never see the benefit in your earthly life but will know fully when you die and are in the presence of God.

Be joyful. Nothing attracts people more than a joyful soul. When people ask you why you are happy and joyful then you can share your love of Jesus with those around you. How can one not be joyful to know that they are loved unconditionally by their creator? You may be the one who lights the spark in those around you. Ask God to use you as he wishes.

Pray always. Pray for those you love, your country and even yourself. God’s love and mercy are boundless!

Japan is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Trust that God will care for them.

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