Is getting a boob job a sin?

Is getting a boob job a sin? And what if you already have one and the doctor says you need to get another one (update) or take your current implants out? Is this a sin?
This got me thinking what about other cosmetic procedures. Where do you draw the line? Obviously, if you have an addiction to surgery that’s sinful, but is plastic surgery in general considered a sin? What about botox and fillers?

Plastic surgery required due to birth defects, accidents, or burns is perfectly acceptable but such surgery for vanity reasons is sinful. Whether it is gravely or only venially sinful I don’t know.

Not sure… I guess the local priest may have an answer…

From a Mere male’s perspective … I prefer the Natural look…
But how do you think it affects you ? would you have it done because it might give you more confidence in yourself? but thats just my thoughts… others may differ of course …
for myself I think your Question only raises other questions…

Personally, I also prefer a natural look. I’m pretty adamant against plastic surgery. However, I cant say if I would not consider minimal invasive procedures like botox and or fillers down the road as I age. Perhaps, when that time arrives I wont be concerned with vanity. I know vanity is a sin, but I guess I want to know where the line is when you want to look your best that you can with the resources available to you and when its just pure vanity.

As far as the boob job what if someone already had it done and removing them would leave you with a less than desired appearance? Is that vanity just wanting to preserve what you have due to a mistake you made in the past?

Why would you want them removed… ?

How about using a little more modest phrase, such as breast implant surgery?

One should consult a doctor about removal of existing implants for their medical opinion on whether that is a viable option and whether/if they need to be replaced or can be totally removed.

One should have a medical reason to pursue such an option if one does not already have impants.

So, if the doctor has advised to replace them for the best result, then it’s not a sin since that is the medical advice of the surgeon?

Any operation that is unnecessary for maintaining good health would be a sin.


So a woman who has breast reconstruction surgery following a mastectomy, something not medically necessary, is committing a sin?

Or a woman who has breast reduction surgery on her exceptionally large breasts because of the unwanted attention directed toward them is committing a sin?

Or the parents of a child who is teased unmercifully because of large, protruding ears are committing a sin when they have surgery on them?


That is an extreme position. My sine had a very large mole on his face since birth ( completely benign). We paid a plastic surgeon to remove it. Never once considered sinful. I actually believe it was a very good thing to do.

No. Linusthe 2nd is not saying that. He saying that when plastic surgery is being done for purely vanity reasons it is sinful. As I said in my earlier post its okay for things like birth defects, injuries, and burns.
It is not okay for vanity or so-called self esteem. Reducing or increasing breast size is purely vanity.

If you need one for a medical reason then no it is not sinful. However if you are getting it for reasons other than health then it might be.

When I first say this I was a little shocked :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I will be pray for you

It is not vanity to want to look like everyone else. If the implant is so large that it takes the woman outside the norm, only then you might say it is vanity. But you cannot say with certainty that such a thing is a sin.

Reducing breast size is not necessarily vanity. I had a friend who had huge breasts on a very small framed body. She had to pay big bucks for custom bras and was always in pain because of their size. Her insurance actually covered the operation.

Actually it is, the whole I just want to be like everyone else mentality is a wide paths to death

It’s usually just a “self-esteem” issue. God does not make junk. You are beautiful in God’s eyes. The need to improve on something that is little more than a cultural fad is probably an issue you might visit with a qualified person. :blush: IMHO of course.

I got mine when I was in college because I thought they weren’t big enough. I am a curvy and I thought I would look better if they were a bit bigger. I did not get huge implants I only went up 1 cup size nor did I get them to show the world. I got them because well I don’t know why…solely for vanity reasons…I wanted to be prettier…But these reasons are no longer valid to me, but now my situation is they will have to replaced soon or removed. My fear is if I remove them then then my breast won’t be as perky anymore and that will bother me…vain? Perhaps, but I am being honest. Truth be told my husband wants me to keep them and maybe even go bigger but he would never pressure me and respect and support whatever descision I make. I have a lot of regret and I wish I had never done this to my body, I feel incredibly foolish, but it’s done and now I have a new decision to make and I just want to do the right thing. So, in my situation I am conflicted because the distinction between vanity and need is not so clear to me. Deep down I want them out that’s my truthful desire, but I fear the idea of “downgrading” myself for lack of a better word. I feel like if I just do whatever is right in Gods eyes in making this decision then I trust that will be best for me. I just don’t know what that is. Figuring out if it’s truly a sin or not would be the first step and possibly the only step.

Well, I think it depends on the circumstances.

I had a friend who paid about $5,000 to get one done. I remember thinking her family could have used that money for something else. Her husband was fine with her, but in her mind, she seemed unhappy with her body to a point she found that option a good one.

To me, it seemed like vanity.

Well if it is your true desire that you wish to take them out then do so :thumbsup:. Remember God made you the way you are and if you return to the way he made you naturally there is nothing to be ashamed of. I encourage you to do it you aren’t losing anything

He very plainly IS saying this. “ANY surgery not necessary for maintaining good health would be a sin.”

And I strongly disagree with your premise. A woman who is uncomfortable because men stare at her and make inappropriate comments would not be committing a sin to have breast reduction surgery, nor would the others in the examples I gave.

I would agree that vanity is a sin, but a desire to look “normal” and not be the object of ridicule or unwanted attention is not vanity.

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