Is getting drunk a mortal sin if you didn’t intend to get drunk?


Let’s say you go out and you drink but you didn’t realize you were drinking that much and you happen to get drunk. Is that a mortal sin?



I am not even sure if getting drunk, if it happens occasionally, it grave matter

Best thing to do is talk to your own priest.


No, just kind of dumb and undisicplined and exceeding your limit. Could become a problem 'though.



My first time, getting drunk, no one realized I’d come from a non-drinking background and thus had absolutely no idea what a serving size was. I knew for beer and wine, but didn’t realize liquor was so different. That was not a fun night.


No. Intent isn’t there, so it can’t be mortal.


At some stage, surely, ‘you’ must realise that your drinking is getting you tipsy-going drunk? It is at this stage you are, in my opinion, obliged to leave off the booze taking.


No. But try your best not to “test your limits” or anything like that.


I have a medical problem and can’t touch a drop of alcohol. Previously I determined my limit was one drink. That made me loosen up, but more than that gave me a headache immediately, not the next day.

My body was not made for alcohol.

“parties” where there is underage drinking or where people are drinking without restraint is a serious sin, because it reduces one’s ability to think intelligently and to act responsibly. Face it, teens don’t know how to drink, and they should proceed very slowly. If you up-chuck, you’ve had too much, your body can’t handle it.

The motives for drinking indicate the serious of the sin. If someone is made drunk to exploit them sexually, for example, that is in serious territory.


When I was a teenager at a wedding I got a little soused. (But not drunk a lot)
I didn’t feel guilty about it because I didn’t realize I was drinking excessively. But this never happened again to me–I made sure of it.
I would think it enough simply to make sure it didn’t happen again.


Lol - you didn’t know you were drinking that much -
until you stood at the bar with an empty wallet !


No. There have been times I’ve had some drinks just sitting down just chatting away and didn’t realize how much I really had until I stood up. :grimacing:


I wondered this, still confessed it but I didn’t really intend to get drunk. I should have stopped though at a certain number… So easy to grab another drink while drinking, sometimes I think it may be better to avoid alcohol all together.


I suppose it is what you do when you are drunk that matters.:thinking:


I had way too much, ended up puking. I didn’t drink for awhile after that though, lesson learned. I don’t think I really did anything, was at a friend’s house. Ended up just going to sleep.


It could happen, if you drank your normal volume, but didn’t know what you were drinking was a higher proof than you thought.


Hard apple cider. As Terry Pratchett warns, you feel fine until you stand up… and it’s not even a matter of proof. It’s something about how a lot of us metabolize hard cider. Sweet drinks or highly carbonated drinks can do this too, depending on the person.

So yeah, it’s important to know how you do with wine (or red wine, or sweet wine, or champagne) or beer or whiskey, or any other alcoholic substance, before you drink a lot of it. If you don’t know and you are thirsty, get some water to deal with the thirst part.

If you want to learn about different kinds of drinks (and if you are of age, of course!), try going to a tasting at a wine store. Obviously they are trying to sell you stuff, but they know that somebody who has a broad experience is going to be a good customer for life. They can help you figure out your own tastes, and what your body likes and doesn’t like.

And don’t forget to eat when you go out to drink. It shouldn’t all be salty stuff, either.

For most people, drinking alcoholic drinks doesn’t mean that you are going to get drunk or even tipsy. You just have to be a little prudent, just as you have to be with desserts.


That’s why I stick to wine. It affects my body in real time and I can (and do) switch off to water when I’ve had “enough”.

Liquor tends to have a delayed response for me, so I might not feel anything at first, but then it hits me all at once when it’s too late to do anything about it.

But that’s just me.


This would fall under gluttony, I’d imagine.


This is actually not complicated. You need intent for mortal action. So if you intend to get drunk that would be sinful. HOWEVER, if you carelessly act in a manner in which the probability of grave action is great them you can also be culpable. If you place yourself in dangerous or tempting situations for sin and then sin, well that is kind of intent.


Depends on how fast it hits.

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