Is God against Fun?


Is God against fun or does he permit humour and fun?


This seems like a troll post.


I am not trolling I asking a question on how to live the Christian Life.


I think its ok if it doesnt offend God, saints, other people dignity, isnt against chastity etc.


The Holy Spirit wants us to be joyful.

Fun does not have to equal sin. We can have fun and enjoyment doing lots of good stuff


Depends on who you ask. The Church doesn’t teach that. Despite that, many Catholics follow the lead of saints who said that all Earthly pleasure is inherently sinful and that we should mortify our senses daily and kill all self-love if we hope to enter heaven.

I can’t stress strongly enough that the Church doesn’t teach that.


We had a ton of fun when we were kids and did not have to sin for any of it. We went out at least three times a year to pick fruit, we went snow sledding, we visited each other and played games like Monopoly, we went to the park and saw rabbits and birds… The list goes on. Our parents would visit friends and other neighbors. I was taken to the library.


If you want to be perfect, fun is not for you.
But I bet that this isn’t the case.


Wow, it’s quite puritanical in here today! God wants us to rejoice in his creation.

The world isn’t some miserable Dentist waiting room. I would suggest that He wants us to enjoy/learn/play with all the gifts that he has given us e.g Hobbies, Art and Crafts, singing, eating and drinking, dancing, laughing, meeting with friends, learning, sports and even …having marital relations.




I’ve been on a few threads which seem quite ‘heavy’ today. One was regarding sexual acts within a marriage.


St. Thomas Aquinas taught that fun activities, and specifically sports and games, were a form of rest for the mind and body. Obviously you don’t want to sleep or rest all the time, but that doesn’t make sleep or rest unnecessary. The harder you’re working, sometimes the harder you have to play.

There are many other saints who praised jokes, games, and other sorts of fun, when done in reasonable amounts. Games and sports have often been used as metaphors for the spiritual life (starting with St. Paul), and there are sermon metaphors and examples taken from almost every legit activity.

There are a fair number of admonishments against excessive jokes and laughter, which probably goes to show that a lot of medieval or early Christian monks were having almost too much fun.

There’s an online book of funny jokes by saints. Can’t remember the title.


God has a sense of humor! :stuck_out_tongue:




Humour and fun can only exist when people do not take themselves too seriously.

Humility which is a virtue encouraged by Christianity contributes a lot to the cultivation of humour.

Fun is a product or symptom of loving what you do which in itself is compatible with Christianity.


You had a wonderful childhood. :grinning:


God created everything, including our desire and ability to have fun. The Catechism teaches that leisure is a good and necessary part of life, and that God made man with the desire for happiness.


OF COURSE God is NOT against fun He wants us to be happy but it depends on your definition of fun. Anything that would cause one to sin in any way even though the person may consider it fun isn’t right.

Like OK going out and having a drink with friends and shooting pool or throwing darts. Nothing wrong with that, good clean fun. BUT if the drinking got to be out of hand and the pool or darts got too competitive to where arguments started over it then NOPE.

Going out to a party with your spouse or partner, dancing and having a drink. Same situation if anything got out of hand where it became a sinful area then NOPE.

There are MANY good clean fun things to do with friends, spouse but it just has to do with keeping it within certain limitations. People should KNOW their limits and stick to them.


I believe God has a great sense of humor! To make Him laugh tell Him your plans.


No God is NOT against fun, SO LONG AS the fun is not sinful.

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