Is God behind this?


Hi :slight_smile:
I’m sooo confused about this, and I was wondering if anyone has any advice or thoughts!! I don’t even know what to think.

Oki for the past several days, I’ve been trying to get to Confession. Usually it happens on Saturday… but I couldn’t make it Saturday morning, cause I couldn’t get a ride - I don’t have a car and there aren’t any buses, so I need rides, unfortunately. I thought, oki, I’ll just go to another parish in the afternoon, and it’s really close by so no problem!! But, through some circumstances, I couldn’t get there either. Then, I couldn’t get a ride for Sunday Mass either!! I was pretty upset by this point…

I found a parish not too far from here that has confession on Tuesday evenings. I thought, that’s great, I’ll just go today! And this morning, I go to their website, and I see that just for today, it’s cancelled cause the priest is away on a retreat or conference or something…

I looked at all the parishes I could find and none of them have confession before Saturday.

But… on Saturday, I’m going to be away all day at a concert!!! :frowning:
My ONLY hope is trying to go Saturday morning, at around 9:30, before I have to leave for the train to go to to the event.

There’s, more unfortunately…
I’ve been planning to do my Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary on June 27th. I thought, that’s the most perfect day… it’s a Saturday, I can go to confession and Communion, and on the Friday there’s all day Adoration at my parish, so I can prepare well… and I’ve already started the 33 day preparation as well.
Wellll…this morning, I open my email and find out that one of my best friends scheduled her birthday party for that day!

I really can’t understand… is God behind this, or is this just a test, to see what I’ll choose, or what is happening here? :confused: soo confused lol…

does anyone have any thoughts as to what could be happening?


Yeah, have to drop all the things that are preventing you from going to Church; God allows Satan to work on people by preventing them or impeding their paths to further strengthening of people’s faith to God.


:slight_smile: oki i just found out that even if there was confession today, I still wouldn’t have been able to get a ride there. :S strange huh? what is going on… I really want to go to confession…

the only thing that’s helping me is this quote by St Padre Pio :slight_smile: wanted to share it cause it’s just a really good quote…

“In all the events of life, you must recognize the Divine will. Adore and bless it, especially in the things which are the hardest for you.”



Trust in Jesus and you will see all things as His Will. He permits frustrations to teach us patience and preservance of prayer, He permits disappointsments to teach us to cling to Him who dose not change nor disappoints, He permits evil to teach us to prayer and love and so He can use it to save souls (so offer up your sufferings and discouragements!).


Monica, I wouldn’t dare to say what God is… and isn’t “behind”. Because being mere human creatures… we don’t think as God thinks.

But one thing… I DO know. And that is that God loves us. He wants what is good for us. So… when some type of trial, such as you’ve described… occurs, put it in the Hands of Jesus and tell Him… “Jesus, I trust in You”.

This is a lesson which I’m currently learning myself. It is often difficult for us to get to even Sunday Mass… due to bad weather and my mothers many disabilities. My faith has been severely tested because of these obstacles.

Just hang in there, dear soul… and persevere! I’m sure our efforts are pleasing to Our Lord. God bless you.


Forget about the scheduled times. I have walked up to many priests over the years and said, “Will you hear my confession?” No priest will ever say no. Tell him that you don’t have reliable transportation and that you have no guarantee that you can make it at the normal time. They will understand and will be more than happy to help you. If you believe you can’t wait until later, then go as soon as you get a chance, even if it means waiting until he’s free. BTW, I don’t know how far away these churches are for you, but I have walked as far as 4 miles for a confession and mass. If you can do that, then think about it.

Godspeed!!! :thumbsup:


The one thing is,is that satan is involved in your plight from many angles. One he is directly trying to keep you from confession. He is also attacking the priesthood with the lack of priests. In my area there is a large shortage of priests and the diocese is slow to respond and the church is like a huge tanker ship takes forever and a day to turn around. The fact that you want to go to confession is good enough TILL you can get to confession. I remember living in an area where there were many Catholic churches and plenty of priests in the parish I was visiting had a priest available to hear a confession. Here in SW Mo it is hard to find a priest. I drive to St Louis from time to time and look for a parish that has a rectory and a good amount of times I can have mine heard. It is satan and unfortunately God lets him do things. (one big thing I am angry with God about) IF you are truly sorry and you want to repent and if you could go to confession you would drop everything to go and you desire to go your heart aches to go, if you die tonight you have confession by desire. But as soon as you can RUN to confession. Scoob.


Thank you for the advice everyone :slight_smile: I feel better about this… I decided, I’ll just trust God, and try my best to get to Confession on Saturday morning. I feel like God gave me more peace about this. There’s nothing I can do now but trust in Him and submit to His will. I don’t know if this is a trial or something from the enemy, but I do believe that God can use times like these to help us grow in faith… thanks and God bless!! :slight_smile:


I would say these things are just coincidences.

You don’t actually think that God would make it difficult for you to get to confession or mass, do you?


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