Is "God" -- by definition -- a Calculator or a Balance Sheet?


I sort of speculated about this for a while and now I thought I’d ask.

Since in every situation there is ultimately a correct answer and a *more *correct answer, then God who is supposedly all-good, all-wise, all-powerful, and superlative everything else will always know what to do…

Unfortunately, this is a little boring for a being well-associated with lightning bolts and rising from the dead…

After all, how can He make *decisions *about anything if He will automatically choose the *best *answer every time?

From what I can see with my blind eyes, “God” would have to be either:

a cold, mechanical calculator if He is real


A post-subprime-crisis Bank Balance Sheet that is made to look impressive but means Kaput if He’s not real


That is a tough question considering God is infinite and is neither “pre-programmed” nor needs to learn (or calculate), thus “calculator” doesnt even come close to an accurate description.


a cold, mechanical calculator if He is real…

How do you figure cold? By virtue of his goodness, his actions, and his very Being, are love–pure love. Love, be it fatherly or romantic or friendly, is never cold. God* is* Love, after all. Therefore, he is not cold. :smiley:

He is not “mechanical.” He is who he is. I believe he even said something along these lines before: “I Am Who I Am.” His “Am” is goodness. We understand our actions as being dictated by our nature. So we must understand his: Therefore, his actions are ultimately good. He who is Good does good. Otherwise, he would contradict his very nature and thus cease to be God. We also understand God as having free will, as being supremely free. His freedom involves being subject to his essential Being, though, which is good: For instance, if God sees a broken universe and resolves to repair it, it is because he cares for it and loves it–not because he is coerced.

It may seem paradoxical…but that’s probably a good sign, 'cause God is quite the paradox himself.


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