Is God chastising the world?

You know, lately it seems as though God has been chastising the world with all of the natural disasters and such that have struck in various parts of the world. There are also a lot of other things going on that would seem to indicate that the Lord is chastising the world. Are we undergoing a chastisement?

I believe He’s got it in for the country I live in, for sure. And I agree with Him 100%.

Not yet. The real fun hasn’t even started. There is a very strong anti-Christian undercurrent developing in Western culture, wait until the “great apostasy” is in full swing, then watch out!

There is hardly a single Western government that isn’t completely bankrupt. Even China is starting to have economic problems.

Corruption has become the norm worldwide and is rarely prosecuted.

All around the world there are seismic faults and volcanoes due and overdue for huge eruptions, several of which that could produce tsunamis that would completely devastate ocean coasts.

There is a set of comparisons here of Fatima/Akita and what John Paul II said about the 3rd Secret.

I see evidence of it. IDK about my country specifically deserving it more than the rest of the world - that is not something I could speculate on.

I believe that the natural disasters are only a small part of it. The more we allow others to fall in to sin - or more specifically cause others to sin the more we ourselves offend God.

I have seen a lot in my short life that surely offended our Lord to a great extent. I have also seen things becoming progressively worse. It would appear our Lord is giving Satan more to work with in these times. Since the beginning of time we have been accused and put on trial. Our Lord knows our struggles. We must always remember His promises to us and remain loyal to Him above all else. In a way it would seem the main thing being tested is our loyalty. Regardless of the severity of the chastisement all things work for the good of believers.

I am just kind of confused. I know Blessed Pope John Paul II spoke of a coming springtime in the Church but I really don’t know the context of it. Did he believe that we will suffer a chastisement first and then a springtime in the Church will come?

And the atheists will sit there as their world burns and say “It’s entirely random.”


As to the question, I certainly hope so, we certainly deserve it; I know I do.

Holly I would invite you to look at the information in this thread

Apparently the Holy See had a vision where the Accuser was talking to our Lord at the tabernacle. I forget which one it is that had this vision. The evidence of the reality of this vision can be found throughout the Church. I am not sure exactly where in the thread this can be found - but there is a ton of good information in there regardless. Sorry I can not specify more than that I should read over the information again myself.

Your views are somewhat extreme. Consider this - Atheists are deceived by Satan. We should not smile at this.

Furthermore - you do not know how much you yourself deserve chastisement let alone any one else. Only our Lord can judge us. We are completely incompetent - even when it comes to judging ourselves.

I just read thorugh that, and was very confused by a portion of it:

If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them."

Does teh church accept this prophesy as legitimate? I thought God’s love was infinite, and so his forgiveness was infinite. Or does this mean that there will no longer be priests to confer the sacrament of reconciliation? But then, wouldn’t that contradict the whole “And the Gates of hell will not prevail over it.” thing?

I am making an assessment of how much I deserve chastisement by the degree in which I continue to fail. I look at it as a good thing, by recognizing that I’m not doing great I can refocus on improving. It might not be how much I actually deserve it, but it’s nice to have a base point.

What’s extreme about my views though? If they refuse to acknowledge God during their lives, they will only see some massive, extinction level event as a random occurrence of nature. It’s true, I probably shouldn’t be making a joke out of it and didn’t mean to understate the seriousness of it, but it’s hard to feel bad for someone when their downfall is of their own making.

The first point I brought up was to help with your mind frame. While it is good to realize how sinful and unclean you really are - it is not up to you to judge yourself on how much you yourself deserve punishment. It is, however, good to recognize that you have sinned and that you will accept the perfect Judgment of God and accept the punishment for what He does consider you accountable for. I am not saying to rationalize your sin, sin is sin - I am saying don’t pass judgment on yourself or anyone else. Even in your heart.

2nd point - you do not know if it is their own making or not. They may know the truth and be refusing it - or they may be being deceived by Satan - or it might be both. Also, you do not know if they will be converted later in life.

Regardless - they are in danger of Hell and should be prayed for.

Very true, and well-written. I tend to lean towards scrupulosity, I’ve been working on it.

2nd point - you do not know if it is their own making or not. They may know the truth and be refusing it - or they may be being deceived by Satan - or it might be both. Also, you do not know if they will be converted later in life.

Regardless - they are in danger of Hell and should be prayed for.

I was speaking of the atheistic movement as a whole, not of the individual. I pray daily that they convert, and especially for some of my close friends who are atheists. I pray that they are being deceived, because I hope that that will lessen their culpability. Deceived or not though, they are still rejecting God, which is the whole root of the problem. This is where my “of their own making” comment comes from. I’m not looking to pass judgment, I sincerely hope that when I die there isn’t a single soul in Hell, and I sincerely hope that the atheists of our world will come to God and work towards the true betterment of humanity. But, until that happens, they are still digging their own graves… as are each of us when we sin.

Your intentions are good, I just feel that your logic is slightly flawed and dangerous to the intentions of some of your prayers.

Stop right there it is not God’s will that some will be in hell.
Otherwise God is niether just or truthful.

Are you implying that Hell is not a perfect act of mercy?

God would like to lead all souls to heaven - however all souls do not want to be lead to heaven. Those souls choose the Kingdom of Hell (which is both state of mind and a place) over the Kingdom of Heaven. It is God’s will that they be able to choose Hell. Since God knows some will make that choice, even before they are born, it is God’s will that some will be in Hell.

edit: words are funny. God does not want any of His children in Hell this is true. At the same time it is His will that some will be. This is a result of His will that we have complete free will - including the ability to separate ourselves from the Lord.

Jesus said: “Do not worry about tomorrow, because God is taking care of it.” Or something like that.

Maybe is it more important to live in the present and Love others the best way we can no matter what.

When Jesus will come back, we will be happy to see him. In the meantime, lets be exemples of the Living Presence of Christ in the World, Today.

My apologies i took you to be saying double predestination.
All that was needed were the words, God’s permissive will n we would have been all good:)

I guess I did over complicate it a bit.

I believe JPII did, personally. Fatima and Akita are both approved. The warnings that Mary has brought all tend to say the same things about the results of sin on our lives here: it causes a reaction that is characterized as “chastisement.” Eternal forgiveness doesn’t mean our lives will be without pain.

To me it’s like a guy who steals a car. The merciful judge, after hearing how sorry he is, suspends the sentence, but he still has to give back the car. There are consequences to sin.

In the world, too many aren’t a bit sorry for sin, our cultures encourage it, teach children to do it, reward with admiration those who become very good at it. TV is the new Roman Colosseum.

Jesus and Mary have always appeared asking for victim souls to suffer for poor sinners. Fatima especially asks us to pray the Rosary in reparation for the sins of others.

But I think what that phrase that bothers you means, is that the ratio of pray-ers to sinners is simply getting too high. The exchange of spiritual goods is too far in debt, the terrible consequences of all this evil will fall on us fully.

Or does this mean that there will no longer be priests to confer the sacrament of reconciliation? But then, wouldn’t that contradict the whole “And the Gates of hell will not prevail over it.” thing?

The Church will always exist. But not always in this form. Rome can fall. It can have someone drop a meteor or a bomb on it. Even if we end up in catacombs, the Church will exist as long as one person is willing to give up their life in Christ’s name for another.

Jesus spoke of two things: what Eternity was like and what we need to do here. JPII gave us the problem and the solution. More bad things are coming. It’s how bad they will be that is still undecided. And considering how bad they are already, maybe we all need to stop posting so much so we have more time for praying.

Natural disasters have always occurred and will always occur…including after man has gone extinct or left this planet for worlds afar.

It was a natural disaster that brought an end to the dinosaurs and surely you wouldn’t go so far as to say that God was chastising that species?

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