Is God Experienced?



Thought this could be a fun topic to help us better understand omniscience! You be the judge!

I’m assuming omniscience means knowing all that can be known, but perhaps I’m mistaken? I mean, the words of a classic Jimi Hendrix song make me wonder:

Have you ever been experienced?
Well, I have

Of course, what these lyrics suggest is experiencing some things we’d say are sinful.

So, what do you think? Is God experienced? If he’s not, does that mean Jimi Hendrix knew things that God will never know?


“Experience” implies being subject to a changing set of circumstances over time. God is “timeless”. All time is NOW for God.

That said, I think what you are really asking is: is God “aware” of all experiences and their effects, even sinful ones? Right?

. . . and I think the answer to that would have to be of course “yes”.


Will you please define, “aware” or give an example to illustrate your meaning? I mean, I’m aware that murder is something people do, but I have no idea what the experience of murdering someone is, because I myself have never experienced it. In this instance, I’d say I’m unaware of the experience of murdering someone.


God is incapable of “experiencing” something in the same sense that we do because he is timeless and because he is pure spirit. HOWEVER, he “knows” everything. Including how those “experiences” of others (every single person who ever lived, is alive or will live) effect them, how it “felt/feels” to them, and how they react(ed). He has perfect “awareness” in the sense of empathy and compassion of every experience anyone ever can have.


Thank you. When you say, “God is incapable of ‘experiencing’ something in the same sense that we do,” do you mean experiencing something is never the same as knowing something? That is, are experiences never knowledge, though one can have knowledge about experiences?


God created everything Jimi ever knew.


God can’t really experience anything. He knows ALL.

btw Hendrix wasn’t even that experienced and pretty overrated and I say that as a Hendrix fanboy


Hmmm. I wonder if God created sin, or if we’re the creators of it.


*created the capacity for us to sin


As Augustine said, “The only possible source of evil, is good.” God doesn’t cause us to abuse the good things He created, but He created everything Jimi ever knew.


LOL! You might be right! Too bad he’s not here to ask what the experience of kissing the sky was like!


So, are you saying that experience isn’t knowledge, and so God knows all things but experiences nothing?


Experience is not knowledge.

And btw–Hendrix’s first draft of purple haze included the lines: “Purple Haze, Jesus Saves” and was about a bad acid trip he had.


Experience isn’t knowledge? You might be right! That remains to be seen.

Let’s consider an example: When my wife was pregnant with our first son, she began to pass a kidney stone, which sent her into labor. In the hospital, she passed the kidney stone, first then delivered the baby. Afterwards, she said passing the kidney stone was more painful than labor.

Would you say this revelation was or wasn’t knowledge?


Also, I have to admit that I don’t know if what she said is true, since I’ve never felt the pain of passing a kidney stone or labor! Right?

But would you say my lack of knowledge isn’t ignorance, since one can only be ignorant of what one doesn’t know, and the experience of pain isn’t knowledge?


Interesting! But what does your premise have to do with the question, “Is God experienced?”


I thought of Jimi Hendrix before I even clicked on this thread :joy:


LOL! Guess we just experienced how great minds can think alike?


That brings to mind something. When I first heard Jimi sing the song Purple Haze, I thought one of the lyrics was, “Excuse me while I kiss this guy.” Turns out I was mistaken, for what he really sang was, “Excuse me while I kiss the sky”!

So, I wonder: Does God know what I know, which is what it’s like to be mistaken?


I don’t know. But the saints were all bold as love.



As was Jesus! So, yeah, yeah! can see how Jesus, who was both God and human has experienced what it’s like to be bold as Peter at his death!

But experiencing what it’s like to be cowardly, like Peter when he fled? I’m not so sure. Moreover, experiencing what it’s like to betray someone as Judas betrayed him? I’m pretty sure he never knew that experience! Right?

I mean, I’m thinking omniscience actually isn’t knowing everything, as some experiences are excluded from God’s total experience. But I could be wrong.


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