Is god man made!?

Help! Stupid thought got in my head that humans wrote the bible and god was made up! It makes so much sense. If u send out a civilization randomly somewhere, they are bound to worship something!? Please, is there any proof he isn’t man made!? I lost my total faith!

Creatures creating the creator?

The answer is no. The world didn’t just plop itself out of nowhere. A Supreme Being and Grand Designer HAD to create everything in existence while He Himself is eternal. This Supreme One is God. It is the Truth.

May God bless you and lead you back to His Truth! :slight_smile:

Watch ‘A Case for a Creator’ (by Lee Strobel) on youtube. :thumbsup:

How do you know this for sure? And how do you know it came from nowhere? If there were no God couldn’t people still invent religion in an attempt to explain the unexplained?

Well, let’s have a look at this…

Adam…a marriage covenant
Noah… a household covenant
Abraham… a tribal covenant
Moses… a national covenent
David… a national kingdom covenant

Christ, who all the others were building to come to, a world wide covenant, contained in the Catholic Church with the pope as it’s prime minister.

Looks like there was a plan in place. What do you think?

I learned this listening to Jeff Cavins and Scott Hahn talking in a series called Our Father’s Plan. It might help you.

Can Science Disprove God’s Existence?

God is not man made. Man is God made.

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Have the posters here answered your question?

Seriously, read the Aquinas proofs for God’s existence.

Read The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.

Read the endless philosophical and logical endeavors of those who came before us to prove that the non-existence of God makes absolutely zero logical sense, and that to subscribe to the idea that we exist simply because it is our nature to exist is indeed ridiculous. Atheists and agnostics prove the existence of God without even realizing it, because they put subjective analysis of reality on a pedestal and call it “Truth” with a capital “T.” In order to study the metaphysical, you must appeal to outside of the physical by definition.

If man made God, then what made man? What made the thing that made man? What made the thing that made the thing that made man? Unless you appeal to a source that is necessarily outside of creation (Creator), then logically, atheism is a limp intellectual exercise.

Faith ought not to be so fragile. God can only be known through faith, but it must be supplemented with reason and intellectual rigor, or else it is as thin as paper and capable of being torn to shreds when a simple notion enters your head.

Yes, of course. But why stop at God? Man is also “man made.” We are all figments of our collective imaginations. Nothing is real - everything is just “made up.”

So what is this “everything” that is just made up? And exactly what is “man” that we could “make up” things, just 'cuz? Where does the creative ability to “make up” things come from if not from a “creator” of things, who actually does “make up” real things and explains where “real things” (otherwise inexplicably) just come about?

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