Is God merciful?

This is an interesting question, the Baha’i writngs have a lot of Information on the Mercy of God, This prayer from Baha’i World Faith, p. 204 is very thought provoking!

He is Eternal in His Abha Horizon!

Verily, the Cause of God hath come upon the clouds of utterances and the polytheists are in this day in great torment! Verily, the hosts of revelation have descended with banners of inspiration from the heaven of the Tablet in the name of God, the powerful, the mighty! At this time the monotheists all rejoice in the victory of God and His dominion, and the deniers will then be in manifest perplexity.

O ye people! Do ye flee from the mercy of God after it has encompassed the existent things created between the heavens and earths? Beware lest ye prefer your own selves before the mercy of God, and deprive not yourselves thereof! Verily, whosoever turneth away therefrom will be in great loss. Verily, mercy is like unto verses which have descended from the one heaven, and from them the monotheists drink the choice wine of life, whilst the polytheists drink from the fiery water; and when the verses of God are read unto them, the fire of hatred is enkindled within their breasts. Thus have they preferred their own selves before the mercy of God, and are of those who are heedless. – Bahá’u’lláh

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One on the Baha’i Months is Named after Mercy

Rahmat (Mercy) - 24 June - 12 July

God Bless - regards Tony

If they are acting in good faith. Good faith doesn’t mean “desperately persuading yourself that the convenient course is the correct one.” Only God knows with absolute certainty who is doing that and who isn’t–we are never in a position to judge other people’s hearts. Even we ourselves don’t know for certain about ourselves, but we can be reasonably sure. I’m reasonably sure that I would no longer be acting in good faith if I were to listen to my remaining qualms about becoming Catholic.


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