"Is God Necessary for Human Happiness?" A Catholic Article



"An atheist would say, ‘I don’t need God to be happy. I can get along just fine without him.’”

“The fourth level of happiness that Fr. Spitzer identifies is transcendent happiness—the happiness experienced when the deepest human desires for perfect and unconditional (infinite) knowledge/truth, love, goodness/justice, and beauty are satisfied by the transcendent God, who is perfect and unconditional knowledge, love, goodness, and beauty itself.”

“Why do we get frustrated when we experience imperfect manifestations of love? As with knowledge, the answer is because we desire perfect or unconditional love.”


Well, a person “getting a long just fine” can hardly realize the possibility of boundless happiness.


The only reason things make us happy is because God is somehow in them in a sense.


I wish people would stop attributing views to atheists. Atheists know perfectly well that they would be ‘happier’ were just about any god to exist - eternal life, reincarnation, all sorts of potential future happiness and the joy of present certainties - your family not being really dead etc. It is just that we don’t think that such beliefs correspond with reality.


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