Is God really calling?

I am discerning a calling as a permanent Deacon. I am trying to understand if in fact God is calling me.
I am praying and have reached out to my priest. Any advice?

Why do you feel you’re being called? It’s somewhat hard to comment without knowing your story. :thumbsup:

If you feel called, ask the Lord to make plain to you His desires for your service to Him, and then tell Him you will do what He wishes. In Jan 2009 I began formation for permanent deacon in my diocese, but within 4 months was feeling called to priesthood instead (and I was over 60!). I prayed for God to make His call plain, and He did.
Three weeks ago I was ordained a transitional deacon and in about a year, God willing, I will be a priest of Jesus Christ. :slight_smile:

Thank you the reply. I am praying and asking God to give me the wisdom to listen and the courage to follow. Congratulations on your vocation, that is wonderful. I will pray for you. As for me, the desire is there, I am willing to act. However, I wonder if its my desire or in fact, is it that God is calling me. In a way I don’t feel that I am a good candidate nor that I am worthy.

As a young man I was involved in the church, I had considered a vocation to the priesthood. However, I was advised to attend college and than think about it. Well after college I got a job and 20+ years later I am married with children and feel the desire to serve and be active in the church. I would like to become a Deacon. I am asking God to help me and guide me.

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