Is God’s will good enough for you?

His word is set forth and heard or it is not. How do we, as servants, discern His holy directives? Mental prayer helps, yet we need answers. What are my questions, today? I await so patiently.

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For my big decisions nowadays, I use “Spiritual Triangulation”.

The principle of “spiritual triangulation” states that you need to align three factors to know that we have discerned rightly:

*]The present circumstances: weighing pros and cons, our responsibilities, advice from other people
*]Moral law and the teachings of Mother Church: Magisterium, Scripture, Tradition.
*]Our conscience and inspirations, especially the accompanying joy and peace of God.

Now if we follow only one of these, we will surely get into error.

*]To discern only through the present situation leads to relativism.
*]To discern only through the Church and moral law leads to legalism.
*]To discern only through conscience and inspirations leads to subjectivism.

And yet if you look closely, following “spiritual triangulation” is actually following the Holy Trinity.

*]To align decisions based on the present circumstances is to follow God the Father, whose Divine Providence over the universe guides and sustains us all.
*]To align decisions according to the moral law and the teachings of Church is to follow God the Son, the Word of God.
*]To align decisions according to one’s conscience and inspirations is to follow God the Holy Spirit Who “blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.” (John 3:8)

I hope that helps you.

Absolutely, but I have different reasons for seeking God’s will and it has nothing to do with being a Catholic or the Bible. Make no mistake, I am a practicing Catholic and I love the Catholic church with all my heart and soul. However, I have learned through the school of hard knocks that when I am not seeking God’s will on all matters in my life then I suffer real-life consequences. Therefore, God’s will is an absolute requirement in my life. Discerning God’s directives can be difficult because God allows me a free will to make mistakes. I tend to think that during the times that I was exercising my own will and thinking that it was God’s will, that God was teaching me through the consequences to get back on His path. You are correct that mental prayer helps.Unfortunately, life is not fair. We read that constantly in the Bible when righteous people who seek God’s will suffer. I am in this life because I want to go to Heaven. I am grateful that Jesus lights the way. He died for our sins and was resurrected. I hope that my personal experience helps.

As members of God’s church we are part of the community of faithful. Our Catholic community can and perhaps should play a role in helping us discern and make decisions regarding what is or isn’t part of God’s will.

In more traditional societies the extended family and the parish community can play a role in this. In our post-modern society this is but a pipe dream for the most part, but perhaps a faithful friend can serve with some sage advice.

Willingness to accept what is perceived to be God’s will is another matter.

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