Is God speaking to us through this young child?


Please check out this site:


I love her work. I do believe in her.


**wow. makes me feel like such a slacker with my own kids!:wink: **

curious… do we know what denomination she is professing, if any?


I don’t think we know however we must be ever vigilant since Our Lord may reveal Himself in many ways.


www.spiritdaily had an article on her a while ago. Here’s the link:


wow, she could draw when she was 4?


Isn’t she awesome! I saw her website some time ago… absolutely inspiring!!! Talent like that has to come from God don’t you think?


Incredible. At first I was a little thrown off and suspicious of this… mostly because I was reading about her mother being atheist… but as I read through and looked, I was amazed at the way it seems she has/had visions that brought her family to God. :slight_smile: Glad you brought this to my attention.


That’s just amazing!!! Especially how she has brought her family to believe in God!!! Words cannot describe her God-given talent!


wow. i was skeptical clicking on the thread but i am really amazed.

**Is God speaking to us through this young child?

**definitely. (obviously :p)

so are most of these just from her memory/imagination, or copying a photo?
i wonder how they explain her scientifically, like does she have photographic memory? is she absorbing a lot of books in order to gain such insight, or do they come from nowhere?

“One day, I just had this dream or vision,” she says. "I saw a big bolt of light and felt filled with wisdom. It showed me my future, what I would do, and I woke up. It was at midnight.
"He showed me as an artist and painting on big canvasses. Then He gave me the gift of drawing and painting afterwards. I couldn’t remember what He looked like."
During her vision, “He just explained to me why I’m here,” she told Spirit Daily.

wow i wish mine were that clear…


It might be interesting to note that Spirit Daily has pulled back from covering this story too aggresively. See the following:

They are excercising proper caution with regards to this story, which for many seems too good to be true. I for one feel that this child is sincere. This is all very difficult to explain.

There is another way to look at this , that is through a purely secularist point of view. If you search for "Akiane’ on You Tube you will find an enormous amount of video clips, etc, eg:

Below the video part there are a number of comments made by individuals. If you will scrutinize these comments you will note an inordinate amount of anti-Christion/anti-God types of comments.

For those who question the existance of the beast running rampant thruout the world today, read these comments carefully(caution: the hatred is very explicit). We must all be aware that the devil spews out his disgusting evil words thru the lips/words of those human subjects whom he subjigates.


I haven’t made up my mind one way or another about her yet, but I do find it interesting that Oprah, of all people, loves her work. Oprah is not exactly a sterling champion of organized religion in general. :shrug:


I realize this posting and thread are over a year old but I just finished watching a Science Channel show called “Superhuman” that profiled several super-geniuses. Akiane was one of the people profiled. At the time of the show she was 13.

She explained her story of being taken on a journey through the heavens when she was 4 by a person she came to call “God”, who showed her as an artist doing His work. A year later she was drawing intricate portraits of people without any instruction. From age 7 thru 13 her art became extraordinary with several portraits of Jesus and other religious themes, again without any training. Her family prior to all this was non-religious, I think even atheist, so she had no religious instruction at all. However, she said it was God that showed her the vision and she had a strong desire to paint religious images (along with secular) and, in particular, Jesus. The family is now religious due to all this.

She did say that her ideas of what to paint come from God, that she is in partnership with him. He tells or shows her mentally what to paint in her mind and she does it. Her artwork is astounding and has made the family pretty wealthy.

Listening to her story and seeing her paint and the results of her painting makes me believe that God truly did snatch this girl at a young age and set her on a course to help people believe in Him.

Check out her website:

I offer this only as a fellow believer. I’m not in any way associated with Akiane or her business. I just found this all so remarkable.

Peace in Christ,



I am a catholic as well I can draw too I draw anime, religious art, and lots of other things too… I have been drawing since 4 too :smiley:


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