Is God the center of your life?


After much recent tribulation, I’ve had to rewire how I think along a fundamental basis. I have taken a very hard look as to where my primary focus in life is at and it has been an illuminating process. We all tend to get caught up in our own agenda’s, our own perspectives, we plan ahead for our future, yet we never stop to wonder, is this getting in the way of our focus upon God and preventing us from keeping him at the center of our lives.

We allow for these side elements to take over our thoughts and actions, pushing God to the side and wonder why things don’t go our way, when in reality we should be keeping our focus on him and let him fill in the rest as we need them, always keeping them secondary to him at all times. It is when we stray, that is when we face tribulations, for he’s simply speaking up, reeling in his lost sheep and returning them to the flock. I know he has nothing but good things in store for me, that what ever I do or am is meaningless without him, for I am nothing without him.




I echo this wholeheartedly.


Well said, prodigalson.
Well said.


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