Is God trying to commuinicate with me?


I was raised atheist by my parents, I live in the UK which is largely non-religious in its culture these days, I went to a state school and have been taught only the basics of all of the worlds major faiths, I can therefore state that until recently I have never really considered God.

Earlier this week I started a brand new notebook for my journaling that I do to help unload my thoughts. Whenever I start a new notebook I like to open with a quote, usually a line of poetry or some wisdom, sometimes even just a statement of my own that i feel encapsulates my feelings. I decided to open this nite book with the quote “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End” I have no idea why i picked this quote, I have never read the bible and I am not sure where I got the quote from. So as is commin when quoting scripture I wanted to reference the line, which I looked up on the interent, and found it is Revelation 22:13. And then with a sort of miod amusment noticed that it was also the exact time it said on the clock. Being an atheist i dismissed it at first but I have found that it is incredibly unlikey using probabilty mathmatics that i stumbled upon this quote at that exact time, either a minute sooner or later and it would have gone unnoticed by me…
I believe as well that this quote is Christ announcing his divinity?
I have consulted with the only religious person I know (a muslim) and he advised me to think more about my life and how God connects us all.
So I have thought about it, I have a knack for learning languages (I speak 3 other than English)
I have a talent for writing,
And I have great empathy for those in need.

Can someone please help me, having grown up without faith it is quite frightening to have “a crisis of faith”

Thanks in advance.

P.s. i have never posted on here so not sure if i foll9wed all the rules, any help on that would be great too


God is always communicating with all of us. Sometimes we get is consciously and sometimes unconsciously. I think your journaling will help you become more conscious of how God is speaking to your soul.
Blesisngs to you.


Hi @Mrdave.
I have experienced similar things and for me it was a wake up call. Some people call it synchronicity and it’s possibly the same for you. It might be n idea to keep a note of these things at least for a while.

I kept notes and I refer to them often since they remind me of why I believe so strongly in God. Oddly I noticed these happenings after I’d become a Catholic.

I think @midori may know something about this too.

(Incidentally I found it a little unnerving at first, you can always talk to a priest about it if you need someone in person to talk to.)

Guardian Angel touched me

If you have never read the Bible you really should as it is considered a great literary contribution to the literary world. Even if you say you are an atheist you should have at least a basic knowledge of the O.T and the N. T. because so many other great literary gems and masterpieces stem from the Bible. I would hope that you study the Bible because you hear or feel the voice of the Lord or His pull, but if not you still would benefit as read as a least a study piece. Peace.


You might ask @edward_george1 who is a priest if he might give you his thoughts on the matter.
God bless.


Ha, I’m as dumb as rocks-- I can’t even manage my own self. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d definitely rely on someone more knowledgeable than me. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if I had to make a guess, I’d probably say an appropriate second step is a thought out to God. “Dear God, I don’t know much about you. But if you want me, please help me to know you. You know I can’t find you on my own— but I want to be the person you want me to be.”

And keep that thought in your head. Say it in the morning when you get up, say it in the evening before you go to bed, say it whenever you notice something that makes you think about the possibility that there may be Someone bigger out there than you are.

And then see what comes next.



Christianity in Europe is very compromised, very fractionated. The message in the Bible was one of unity. the Apostle Paul traveled around working on bringing unity to Jews and Gentiles, which he felt was the trajectory of the Bible.

Someone said if you started reading the Bible from the beginning, you’d want to be a Jew. If you read the New Testament first, you’d want to be a Christian. The message of the Old Testament and New Testament really flow one into the other.

When you read the Bible, I suggest you let yourself “go” and take it at its word. It’s less important to read the 1400 pages quickly as it is to study what it is saying. Almost everything is related to something else in the Bible.

Life has meaning and a purpose if you turn your mind, heart, and soul to God, and follow his commandments. A Christian does not absorb everything in 6 weeks or 12 weeks. Growing in holiness is a lifelong pursuit. Scripture can be confusing and boring. The “thing” is to hold those problems and search for the answers to the questions.

The saying goes, God is not lost, we are. We need to seek for God. Christianity is not simply an intellectual assent. It requires commitment and “repentance” – turning our life around to follow God’s laws and Christ’s commands – Love God and Love our Neighbor.


Thank you all for your support and guidance, I have purchased a bible and have started my studies.
I will continue my journalling, having read through some of my older journals I have concluded this isn’t the first of these “signs” I think now I am just ready to see.

Thanks again,
God bless.


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