Is God uninvolved in our life?


Is God involved in our life?

Why does God allow things like murder and rape and the such?


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God sustains us in existence. He is the Source of all life, both natural or supernatural.

If sin were not so abominable, suffering would not exist.

Those innocent of personal sin may suffer at times, but God is infinitely good and wise; He would not permit this unless He could draw a greater good from it. He certainly will if we let Him, just as the martyrdom of the Saints was, for them, an occasion for immense grace, merit, and eternal salvation. Furthermore, God uses their sufferings for the Church and for souls.

“As to why greater hardships are given to some, I answer: I am the maker of all things. Thus, no hardship comes without my permission, as it is written: ‘I am God creating woe,’ that is, permitting hardship. Hardship does not befall the heathen without me and without a reasonable cause.”

  • Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden


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Yes, yes, plus all that which is stupid/evil, can only push you towards Good, unfortunately / not sometimes…

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why does God allow suffering?

why is murder allowed?


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