Is "gosh" still using the Lord's name in vain?

I had a habit of saying the Lord’s name in vain, and I am currently trying to taming my tongue. Rather than using “Oh my God” I used “Oh my gosh”, or"cheeses" or “jeez”. I almost change my habit, and I am really happy because I thought God finally gives me a way out to escape my sin.

But then, a lot of people had been saying, “the word Gosh is the same thing as God, it’s just a substitute word”. I became disappointed, because I thought God gave me a way so I change my habit, but ended up the same.

Is using substitute words like “gosh” and “cheeses” so we can avoid using God’s name in vain a sin?
(Please note that whenever I said “oh my gosh”, I never meant anything to offend our Lord, it had no connection, it’s more like a habit of the tongue.)

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