Is GTA V inherently bad?

I am wondering about this game, I want to play it because of its driving features and its open world not it’s rather adulterous things as it’s not very good, should I stay away from it altogether?

There is literally animated pornography in that game. I am not exaggerating. Also there is a part of the game that displays extremely immodest images of women, from what I remember they are probably actually sexually explicit. I made the mistake of playing that game. It is a bad influence and an occasion to sin, no matter how fun it may be. Video games are a waste of time! (Unless you are spending time with someone by doing so, even then the video game should not be that bad). Spend your time on spiritual reading or praying more. Pray the rosary.
God bless.

Don’t over worry yourself for having played it once or even several times. I’m glad you discovered it as perverse and decided playing it might not be so good for you. Thanks for the warning. I promise not to purchase this game especially during this Christmas time.

Try The Crew instead.

I played this and asked myself the same question a few months ago. Yes, it is fun, and I enjoy the driving and “vehicular slapstick”, as I like to call it. When it comes to the sexually explocit parts, I just had to suck it up and ignore as best I could (and yet, I rarely reisoted the urge to run people over or gun down crowds with impunity).

One thing I realized (and one of the title cards says this) is that Rockstar games, the publishers, are not trying to make you think the behavior depicted is okay. The characters are cartoonishly horrible people, and the protagonists are slightly more likable than the rest, simply because they are the player characters.

One of the game’s few redeeming qualities is how it lampoons the shallowness, materialism, and pretentiousness of our culture. But, to quote the USCCB’s review of American Psycho, it is overwhelmed by the game’s core nihilism and flouting of lawful authority. It’s not unlike South Park; vulgar and offensive, but frequently accurate.

I stopped playing it not because it’s a near-occasion of sin, but because I felt hypocritical for playing it. In some ways, it’s similar to watching a crime movie like Goodfellas or Pulp Fiction, but it’s also you controlling the player characters. I was afraid to mention it to my parents or my friends.

My advice? Don’t. But if you do, thicken your skin, keep your “spiritual gas mask” on. Like a movie that the Catholic News Service rated O, be prepare to be morally offended. It might not be a mortal sin, but it’s spiritual junk food, and it’s not good for your soul.

I think avoiding Rockstar games is a good idea even if they dissociate themselves from the acts depicted in the game.

Take Red Dead Redemption for instance. It actually seems to be no more objectionable than say a gritty network crime drama (perhaps the older ones, the newer ones indeed seem to be out of hand these days). Although your character has an outlaw background, you are not obligated to do immoral acts. At this point one might even think they would let some of the older children play it as it seems to be nothing more than an excellent homage to classic Western films. Well, late in the game, there is an outrageous animated pornography scene. I almost wonder if Rockstar deliberately front-loads their games with fairly benign stuff to suck people into thinking it’s really not that bad. It’s a subtle poison I would say and when you get down to it, they can’t be trusted.

Something similar happens in their detective thriller, L.A. Noire. The seemingly humble and noble main character, Cole Phelps, eventually cheats on his wife and loses his reputation as an honest cop. Then again, I think that was to characterize him as a tragic hero. There is nudity in it, but it is a homicide investigation and you are inspecting crime scenes (which ultimately leads to you finding the culprit of the Black Dahlia murder).

(Thanks for the heads-up on Red Dead, btw)

:thumbsup: I like your word. Almost like eating empty calories (which will make you fat when consumed).

Far Cry 3 has a similar thing as well, with a random sex scene thrown in for… well… no real reason at all except to be there. I was not really expecting it when it happened and it really caught me off guard.

As for GTA, I’ve enjoyed the games for quite a while, but I have not tried V, nor do I have any overwhelming drive to do so. While the gameplay is fun, stuff like what’s been mentioned is a near occasion of sin for me, so I tend to avoid it. Perhaps if a patch or a mod comes out that allows you to remove those aspects I’ll give it a go, because I really do want to explore the world they built >_>

GTA V is a rated M video game, and much like a hard rated R movie, it’s for mature/adults only. It’s not real. Therefore it is NOT inherently bad.

In fact, video games, movies, and books where bad things are done might be actually GOOD in that you can do/read/see things that you would of course NEVER do in real life. :shrug:

Something doesn’t have to be inherently bad to still be bad or even “merely” imprudent. Animated pornography isn’t real, but it is still pornography and shouldn’t be watched by anyone young or old.

I would suggest graphic violence/murder is much more detrimental and should not be watched by anyone, much more than pornography. However in the USA graphic depictions of violence are seen 100s of times if not more a day by children everywhere.

But GTA V is chok-o-full of graphic and gratuitous violence and murder, and yet you said there was nothing bad about it. Did you change your mind?

I enjoy the taxi missions and the ability to fly around in airplanes, so I sometimes play GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas while listening to podcasts. When it comes to San Andreas, however, I absolutely have to have the sound turned off - there is SO much profanity, even outside missions and radio. Considering that the GTA games have gotten more vulgar over the years, I can’t imagine GTA V is an improvement. From what I’ve heard in homes when the game is being played, it is not.

The podcasts I listen to while playing these games are often religious, so now I have strange associations in my mind – listening to a rabbi lecture on the Jewish understanding of atonement while searching for criminals in a tank, for instance.

As Catholics, we should always avoid a near occasion of sin. It’s not a “Oh, I can take it but maybe you cannot” situation. That’s moral relativism. Playing a game that involves harming virtual people or nudity or sex is like meditating on the bad in human beings. Everyone should take moral offense to that. The “it’s just a game” idea does not apply. The “oh look, we can watch virtual people do bad things” is not good either. Bad means bad.


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