Is Halo evil?

I really enjoy the game Halo:reach. Is this game sinful. Killing in a jjust war in real life is not a sin and in Halo you are fighting for humanity to continue against an alien race.
PS I am a 13 year old.

Unless it will affect your behavior to play a game about blowing aliens up, you should be good.

Get a PS3 and face me in any game of your choosing. And Halo is an awesome game by the way. If you let it get to your head about blowing stuff up, join the military. nevertheless, no unless you keep thinking of blowing stuff up.
Harry (15.y.o.)

It is M rated, so the store was not supposed to sell it to you. However, if your parents bought it for you, then clearly they feel it is okay (or don’t care - no judgment, as I do not know your parents).

Personally, I feel the game is OK, and I’ve allowed my teen kids to play it.:wink:

Halo is only evil insofar as it encourages me to put off doing my homework until I play through the beach attack on The Silent Cartographer one more time! I’m even one of those rare people who think Halo’s story is pretty neat. I love the final cinematic of Halo 3. “We’ll make it,” has become a catchphrase of mine.

Now, my parents didn’t allow me to play Halo until I was 15, because they wanted me to be old enough to process the violence in a mature and Christian way. Some parents feel differently about it, and let their kids play Halo earlier or later. Do as your parents require, and within those constraints enjoy a wonderful game!

When you’re old enough, pick up the Mass Effect series, too. It is a lot more morally complex than Halo, because you have the option to be evil, but it is my favorite XBox game.

What you guys said is what I thought. Actually I don’t own the game, I’ve played it with friends.

:thumbsup: Glad we could help!

I love Halo’s story line. The move is still stuck as they couldn’t get a big enough budget. Oh well, mabey in 3 or4 years:shrug:

I believe in the Chief. He’ll get that motion picture done.

people were able to understand the convoluted story of halo?

i’ve been playing action shooting games since i was a kid and thanks to my Catholic upbringing as a kid i was able to distinguish right from wrong and real from fantasy, and halo is just fantasy.
i’ve never killed anyone, never wanted to kill any one or hurt someone because of something i learned in a video game, all parents gotta do is their job. On the other hand if you let the “public school system” or MTV or a nanny raise your kids… well your gonna regret it in a couple of years and you can take that to the bank, halo is not evil is just a video game. :thumbsup:

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