Is hand-holding during the Our Father licit?

In a recent reply, one of the Catholic Answers apologists (I’m sorry, I forget who) said that hand holding in Mass is illicit.

Is this really true? If so, please point me in the direction of the Church document that explicitly says so.

The Church’s liturgical documents, generally speaking, are not ordered toward telling us what we are not to do during the liturgy. They are ordered toward telling us what we are to do. This means that you will not find a liturgical document that explicitly forbids hand-holding during the Our Father – although the action has been discouraged (click here, here, and here for details); analogously, you also will not find documentation forbidding you from doing jumping jacks during the Gloria, but common sense tells us that such a prohibition is not needed because the action is nowhere specified as a proper posture during the liturgy.

Those who assert that hand-holding during the Our Father is a proper congregational response have the burden of proving it from the liturgical documents.

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