Is Harry potter a venial sin?

The bible days that “games” like D&D are bad so is Harry potter bad?

I don’t know exactly where in the Bible that it mentions the game dungeons and dragons, it is my understanding that is a make-believe game but I know very little about that.

I have heard priests talk about reading the Harry Potter books and seeing the movies, and I don’t believe there is any official church teaching on the matter, so for entertainment purposes I would suppose they would be okay. I would, however use caution where young children are concerned just as any other movie or book that contained violence or questionable material. I have seen the movies myself and didn’t confess them as a sin.

Is there not a ban on this topic yet? Oh well, basically, there is no Church teaching against. Some people believe it is sinful and others believe it is not. Each is a personal opinion. There is no authoritative opinion on this so you are free to think as you please on the matter. Personally, I do not see how it could be sinful, (despite my understanding of the dangers of the occult etc etc and my abhorrence for them) so I would have to say that no, I do not believe it is sinful to read Harry Potter. (I also do not think it is sinful to play DandD, you just make up a story and play pretend… sure, some peoples stories end up being sinful, but its only a problem if the people involved turn it into one, so just choose who you play with carefully and you’ll be fine.)

No, it’s only a sin in the summer, when kids should be outside playing instead of spending hours reading mediocre fiction.

On the part of a parent allowing young children to watch this unsupervised? Maybe. It does glorify the occult.

As an adult with a formed conscience I would think not.

Frankly, if you want to watch something like this, the Lord of Rings, and the Narnia movies are fairly close to the books with wonderful Catholic allegory.

The term is venial not vernal which means spring like vernal equinox (first day of spring).

There is no official Church stance on this. Personally, I find nothing wrong with reading the books or watching the movies. Also the bible doesn’t say that games like D&D are bad.


Magic and fairy tales does not always mean that something is evil or occultic, as long as they stay in the realm of fiction. C.S. Lewis wrote about fantastical worlds with witches and magic, but no one really cares since the underlying story pulls us toward what is good rather than toward the occult.

I’ve played both D&D and read Harry Potter. As someone who once proclaimed to be a Neo-Pagan and a semi-practicing witch, I can tell you that overall, the stories are rooted in fiction and NOT much like what we see in real life witchcraft. There are some things that can be nit-picked about the Harry Potter series, but overall I would see it as neutral. Use it as a learning experience for whomever you’re talking to about it. Make sure people have a healthy grasp on reality and fiction.

I think we can get so riled up about things that are branded as “magic”, that we might not see the harm that occult philosophies that pervade other books in subtle ways. It’s in non-fiction, self help, and books that aren’t steeped in fantasy that are** terrifying**.
I’ve seen basic magick being taught to people on day time television, in evangelical christian churches, and in billion dollar self help books.

I have been meaning to watch Harry Potter, however I haven’t found the time for it…I would also like to watch Lord of The Rings, but haven’t made time for it either…

But, I have read and watched all The Twilight Sagas…lol

I do not feel I have avoided or committed any sins…I know the difference between reality and fantasy…

No, not a vernal sin. Possibly an autumnal sin. :wink:

I was just going to post something like this.

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Okay. That made me laugh outloud!!!

Or doing their Summer reading for book reports. Or do schools still do that anymore?

My son’s doing that right now–they’re supposed to take a book to the first day of class, either one they read over the summer or their favorite book. I’m not sure what he’s reading though…:rolleyes:

Where does the Bible say that games like D&D are bad?

Yeah sure :rolleyes: Time to get the popcorn to chew as you read the replies on this one. :eek::whistle:

Where in the Bible did you find that, just out of curiosity?

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