Is having a cigar every day a sin?


Catechism of the Catholic Church:

2290 The virtue of temperance disposes us to avoid every kind of excess: the abuse of food, alcohol, tobacco, or medicine. Those incur grave guilt who, by drunkenness or a love of speed, endanger their own and others’ safety on the road, at sea, or in the air.

Is having a cigar every day excess? At what point would smoking become excess?


The point that smoking would become to excessive, regarded as sinful, is when it interferes with your daily life and prevents you from going about your daily routine, prayer life, or you being to idolise the tobacco. A cigar a day is nothing, spiritually, (health wise is another matter). Many saints smoked tobacco.


On of my favorite priests has a cigar every day, save during Lent. So, I’d say nope.


You are fine. A single cigar wouldn’t be seen as excess unless it was a $1000 cigar and it was causing you to not be able to feed your kids. Excess varies from person to person, but a single beer, glass of wine or cigar would not be seen for almost anyone as too much to be any kind of problem.


There was a thread similar to this a few weeks back. I was pro-moderation cigar smoking. One a day would most likely not be moderate. There is evidence to suggest that a cigar a day would increase your risks of cancer. Just because a priest does it doesn’t mean it’s not a sinful vice.


It’s not a sin, but it’s horrible for your health.


The traditional Catholic teaching is that smoking or chewing tobacco is not a sin. Of course, when that teaching was made, we did not know that tobacco is a carcinogen. I also doubt that people understood how powerfully addictive nicotine is. In light of all that we now know, the use of tobacco becomes very questionable morally. Our bodies are temples, not to be desecrated.


The Church does not define “excess” so we cannot answer your question. Excess could be different person to person.


To quote Rudyard Kipling: “A woman is only a woman, but a good Cigar is a Smoke.”


Not to mention, it stinks like heck!


When a person asks a question like this, I always wonder why. Are you wanting approval? Is there someone in your house who has asthma? How does this affect the people around you? Do you smoke to make a statement of some kind? Are you trying to pin people down in order to show some shadow of hypocrisy in their own actions? Are you trying to justify your behavior? Do you smoke to irritate someone? Why do you smoke a cigar? Could you give up smoking for the sake of another person?

Personally I have no idea if it is a sin for you to smoke twenty cigars a day. I figure that it is your business and you need to take it up with God not strangers on a forum.


There is a huge difference between the occasional cigar and regular cigarette smoking, majority of the time, one does not inhale cigar smoke, you are not physically addicted to cigar tobacco. They also do not contain umpteen toxins like cigarettes do.

I am a smoker, and still believe it is a sin, (cigarette smoking), its akin to suicide by poisoning, just done very slowly over the years.Cigar smoking would not be sinful imo.



That would be a matter of debate… I often got compliments that my choice of cigar smelled great when I was puffing. I have since quit though. I hope I can stay quit.


Most diocesan priests smoke cigars regularly. This is one of the things they like to do, in addition to drinking wine and liquor, when they socialize with one another.


Most information spoken about here is old and does not apply - now that the effects of smoking is know - why would you even puff a cigar? Do you think it is getting banned from public for no reason?

The bodies response to the first time a person smokes is to choke , get dizzy and in some case get sick to the stomach - this is your body telling you that it is poison and most people never do it again - some of us for some reason choke past this response from our body and continue to smoke.
We do psychological damage to our minds by telling ourselves we enjoy it which makes it very difficult to quit.
The nicotine addiction is actually mild and is easy to get over - its the psychological damage that make it hard to quit.
I need a smoke to relax - Really! if people needed smoking to relax then the whole world would be smoking - a lie we tell ourselves that keeps us smoking - how come non-smokers don’t need a smoke to relax?
Same with stress - another lie for the same reasons above
Same with boredom - another lie for the same reasons above
After we do enough psychological damage then we live in fear of not smoking and that is the real reason a person can’t quit
That is why people always relapse back to smoking - they have told themselves they enjoy it and it helps them when in reality it actually just makes things worse.

If you tell a smoker that if he keeps smoking he will loose let say his leg - he will still smoke - its not enough - its the fear of going without a smoke that does this - which is a false fear - the truth is you will actually feel better without smoking - but the psychological damage done will not allow you to see this truth.

If you want to truly quit smoking you have to deal with theses lies we tell ourselves or you will fail.

One person has said if you give him all the money you will spend on smoking this year he will pay for your smoking for the rest of your life - no one will take this offer - why because no one wants to smoke for the rest of their lives - somewhere in the back of every smokers mind is the hope of quitting one day

Smoke away and enjoy! .


Right, I remember when I first started smoking, I would feel sick and dizzy, but I still kept doing it, and justified it by saying lots of other people are doing it, they sell it in the stores, so its must be safe enough!

Although I do admit its strange that our bodies ‘get used to’ this bad a poison, so much that I have not gotten dizzy or sick from smoking in years.


I am smoking a nice Bolivar Habano right now.




How can smoking cigarettes be a sin but not smoking cigars? I’ve read that a one fill-size cigar is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. If it’s stronger than cigarettes, I would think it’s worse than smoking cigarettes.

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