Is having a dream about seeing demons enough of a reason to see a priest about it?


I’m not a person that thinks everything is demonic. But I just woke up and had a dream about demons. Is it just a dream or should I talk to a priest about it?


If I talked to the priest every time I had a weird dream I would have to camp in Father’s office!

Have you been reading/watching stuff about demons?


No, I haven’t.


I’m so sorry you experienced that! My go-to when I feel something similar is holy water. If you don’t have any at home, your parish can offer some. Sprinkle some in every room of your home and over your bed. I also sleep with a rosary under my pillow if I have a dream like yours. These are things my mom used to do when I had a frightening dream as a child and they’ve never failed me.


I have holy water! I’ll do that now. I also sleep with my rosary next to me.


I would… couldn’t hurt


I’ve had a couple dreams where demons were involved. I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary in my waking life.


I wouldn’t worry unless it keeps happening. Dreams are just dreams.
At the same time I agree with GracePoole. Holy water is good for driving off demonic powers.


I would say to let it go unless it becomes a recurring issue. Or if something really creepy happens when you are awake.


Can’t hurt


I wouldn’t get too worried if it is just a dream, but evil is real and present all around us. The Our Father, Hail Mary and St Michael’s prayers are good to pray when you wake up from such dreams (or even to pray during such dreams if you can). Mention it to your priest after your next Confession.


The same thing happened to me and my parish priest said that this are just ways the Demon use to tempt us, by getting distracted thinking in the dream, and they aren´t dangerous at all, so you shouldn´t worry.

I have read that when you experience this things and aren’t practising ocultism, it is a sign that you are near Holiness and the demons try to drag you again by fear, so I actually felt very joyful when this happened to me, it means you are struggling with Sin and winning.

All this, of course, if it isn´t just an effect of suggestion for watching horror films, books, videos, etc. which doesn´t seem to be the case for you.


It’s hard to answer a pat question like that.
What is going on in your life, if you care to share it here?
What is your spiritual disposition? Do you attend Mass regularly? Confession?
Are you living a life of virtue?


I just went to confession Saturday. I attend mass on sundays. And I try to live a life of virtue.


Sounds like you have nothing to worry about, but talking to your priest is the best option if it bothers you. We don’t know you.
If you were involved in questionable practices that might be a different story.


On “Spirit Daily” there was news about a man who went to Rome accompanying a priest to assist in integrating an Anglican parish with Roman Catholicism. He wanted to remain anonymous. Because of this during the night (I guess in his hotel room in Rome) at 3:00 a.m., he woke up and discovered a dark form with red eyes standing near his bed. It caused this man to be wrapped up like a mummy in sheets and blankets, thus making him helpless. He levitated and was slammed into a wall. He said the priest he accompanied mentioned that the devil didn’t like having the Anglican Church join with the Catholic Church and he was getting revenge.

This was not a dream since this man said his body ached all day. He did not return to bed, but stayed up the rest of the night praying.

It makes me fearful of the devil, too, and I hope the evil one stays far far away from me. Your concern is not unfounded so if you feel threatened, you should talk to a priest.


The Jesus Prayer works for me for just about everything: whether something scares me, if I get angry, etc., etc.


I read that it does not necessarily mean anything. We are to ignore dreams and never make decisions based on them.
All the demons want is to divert our attention from God.
Thank God He woke you up from that dream and then love only Him, fear only Him, have faith only in Him.


My brother used to dream of them all the time, it started after playing about with seances and ouija boards.

Look into your past and see if there is a reason for these dreams.


I have had many, many dreams about all sorts of spiritual things, including demons and angels. There was only one time I ever spoke to a priest about a dream, and that was only because he stopped by the choir loft after mass one Sunday (he had the next mass and was “hiding out” while the congregation left our mass). The dream involved this priest directly, I’d had the dream that morning, and it was still very much affecting my mood.

I mentioned the theme, if you will, about the dream, and asked if I could send him and email about it. He said that would be fine. His response to my email was to thank me for praying for him, and for the Church, and the power of the prayers of our Blessed Mother.

Sharing that dream with that particular priest turned out to be a huge blessing because of his encouragement to keep praying!

For all other dreams, I just let them go, or if they’re bothering me, I write them down and then let them go.

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