Is having a snack when you are not hungry a sin?

So there are these cupcakes my mother got, would I be guilty of the sin of gluttony if I had one when I’m not hungry?


I hope not, I’ll be doomed.

Cup-cake cravings extinguish full control of your mental state. I know, I suffer terribly! So you may not have the necessary full consent that is required of a mortal sin. Also your mother’s feelings are involved here. She ,may have been devastated by any refusal thus this could be read within the light of a personal sacrifice for the feelings of a loved one. Her personal mental stake is at risk here. I use this to turn what is obviously a horror into a charitable act of great virtue. Such is the mercy of God. Munch responsibly!

Absolutely NOT!

eating a small snack between meals is a healthy habit to have assuming you eat something healthy. It causes you to eat less during your big meals which causes you to eat less throughout the day, it also gives you small boosts of energy in healthy ways. Part of being a good Christian is maintaining a healthy body. Having small snacks throughout the day helps. A good rule I try to live by is 5 meals a day and only 2 big meals. So breakfast is big lunch is small and dinner is big. I have little 100 calorie snacks during the morning and one during the afternoon. I’m not 100% of following it but it is going to help.

but again having a snack is good assuming you eat something healthy.

one more thing the only time eating becomes a sin is when you eat WAY to much.

For example you know that you being to get drunk after 3 beers and you drink 6

you partake in those restaurant challenges where you eat crazy amount of foods.

you eat things that are not good for your body and cause you gain lots of wait and you eat a-lot of it.


when you really think of the hungry and the poor…there is perhaps some truth.
I went through a phase where I dont want to eat because I felt so much the hunger and pain of the poor…so I started to save money and give what I have to them. If you really feel guilty about it then maybe donate your snacks to the hungry:)

So if it is not a sin, then how do you explain this part of new advent’s description of gluttony?

It is incontrovertible that to eat or drink for the mere pleasure of the experience, and for that exclusively, is likewise to commit the sin of gluttony.

It would help if you give a link to this. Is this just someone’s opinion, or what?

the excessive indulgence in food and drink.

this above is the key to the entire thing. over indulging in food is when it becomes a sin.

It is incontrovertible that to eat or drink for the mere pleasure of the experience, and for that exclusively,

I think you are taking this phrase and using it to much of an extreme. It is very possible that even though you aren’t hungry that having a snack isn’t a sin. You may have a snack because you are tying to be healthier and be less hungry through the day.

Someone who falls into the sin explained above would only eat food just for the pleasure in it. The problem is even when we eat to celebrate we do more than just eat to have pleasure. We eat for nutrition to give energy to the body etc. I don’t think it would be that often that we only eat for pleasure.

have a snack you are fine.

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