Is having idols(in other meaning than biblical) a sin?

I know that worshipping anyone other than God is idolatry but the world idol has different meanings:
a. An image used as an object of worship.
b. A false god.
** 2. One that is adored, often blindly or excessively.**
3. Something visible but without substance.

I highlighted the meaning i meant. So for example if someone says Michael Jordan was my childhood idol, they are meaning that they highly adored him, he was their role model, they did not meant that they worshipped him or thought of him as a God. So is having idols in that sort of meaning a sin?

The key word is Worship…
If you set anything or anyone above God, then you are Worshiping that person or thing.
It could be your favorite Rock Star, Football Hero, Movie Star… Or like my Bishop used to say… Idol starts with “I”… Most of us set our self above God and we end up Worshiping our self.

I think everybody needs some one to look up to but it is when these fanatics that hollar scream cry and put these celebraties #1 above Our Lord then it becomes a sin. It is the excessive that becomes a sin and a grave one. To say for example I Love Merle Haggard and Randy Travis (God Bless Him) or any other musician or band or in your case Michael Jordan, or whomever it means you like alot of what they do and the music sport or some other event these celebrities do. I would not worship the ground they walk on though. Hope this helps. God Bless!!!


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