Is He 'the' challenger?


It seems to me that when I am about to settle down something with my life, He sends more challenges to go further. I guess that is how He wants to make us like Him? – Any thoughts are appreciated!


You mean who is it that is disrupting your conclusion of open issues in your life? I would say it’s either coming from heaven or hell, and is an issue of discernment of spirits!


Hi Marco, I didn’t think of it as disrupting though. Yes, discernment is always important. Thanks!


hi water, it is interesting you should say that because in my experience it is usually as I begin to accept my life as it is and it becomes comfortable that I get a change of direction. While ever I am struggling in a situation, I am kept in it, but when life becomes easy and I settle down a bit too much, I am inspired to move on. There is something about struggle which forces us to reach out and grow, I guess. It has certainly made me trust in God more :slight_smile:


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