Is Hell Divine Punishment?


I think Dante would say so. The priest who runs the retreat in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man would certainly say so. But flesh-gnawing monsters and brimstone are–I would think, anyway–anthropomorphizations of a much more abstract state of affairs. What do you think? What does the Catechism say?


If a person falls/jumps off the top of the Empire State Building, is going SPLATT!! on the ground divine punishment or it is it simply a matter of cause and effect? If God chose, He could intervene and prevent the natural effect, but if He does not intervene - - - well, there you go.

To my mind, hell is like that. It is the natural effect of our choices. God did intervene, but send His Son and giving us a way out of the natural sin cause and hell effect, but it is up to us to accept His intervention or not. No one is SENT to hell, they choose to go there.


Hell isn’t divine punishment, but a Mother’s day marathon of “The View” is.:stuck_out_tongue:


All men desire the good, and God is the ultimate good, therefore all men desire God. Perhaps hell is not divine punishment but rather we create hell when we have rejected God and thus destroyed any possibility we have of fullfilling that which we desire most. Is Hell divine punishment or something we ourselves have chosen when we reject God?

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