Is hell empty? Do victims of suicide go there?


I just found out a very close relative has passed away. He had a sad life. It’s possible he may have harmed himself, but I’m not sure. It made me wonder about these things.

Also, this life is so hard, and unfair. See what happened to that Kavanaugh. Evil triumphs in this world. It’s just a sad day. Why do we believe in fairy tales? All over the world we make them, and they always reward good and punish evil. Why is that so embedded in us when the world does not work that way at all?

Also, he was single and childless, my relative: nearly 60. It has made me think I need to get married. I got over the need to and been ok and striving for my own life for a while now. But his death makes me wonder if finding a partner and starting a family is something I should prioritize more than I do most other things. I am in my mid thirties. I think isolation among adults who are single is a serious problem and needs to be looked at as a genuine social problem.


It’s because of the evil we see and hear of that we write fairy tales whereby evil is punished and good is rewarded, it’s a way to encourage people to try to defeat evil wherever it is seen. This is within us, natural law is written into our dna by…God.

I agree loneliness is not nice. Remember that you’re not alone spiritually but we are social beings and we do need physical companionship if nothing else. There are lots of ways to enjoy companionship though, perhaps through charity work it’s possible to share time with likeminded people.

2283 We should not despair of the eternal salvation of persons who have taken their own lives. By ways known to him alone, God can provide the opportunity for salutary repentance. The Church prays for persons who have taken their own lives.


Only marry a person because you love them.
Not to stave off loneliness


Only God knows if victims of suicide go to hell.


One can hope that every body will avoid hell. In the Rosary prayer, there is a sentence “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of Your Mercy


That formula no longer works. Maybe it’s time to try something more practical and let love grow later.


Just as long as you’re completely honest with your intended, that their job is to keep you from being lonely.

They might actually go for it.

Who knows?


No one knows. We can only speculate.


I think it was Fulton Sheen who said that the ever merciful God would give a personal n who committed suicide a chance of repentence between the time he pulled the trigger and the bullet entered his head


So it worked before, just not anymore?

You are not permitted to marry someone to “save yourself” from being alone. You may only marry if you love someone and the two of you have discerned that you can best achieve God’s Will for your lives together.


This sounds reasonable to me. @Rubee isn’t saying she won’t marry, she’s just considering a different approach to finding that special person. Needs change with age.


What do you mean ‘permitted’? By whom? There’s no such rule. Until very late no one married ‘for love’. People made their choices based on good character and common values and close familial ties. Also, St. Paul expressly tells people they can marry to avoid burning with passion, so surely there’s nothing wrong with marrying to avoid lack of companionship. Lets not confuse modern secular rules for morality.


I suspect not wanting to be alone is what drives many people towards love and marraige. The church has no law that I know of similiar to what you claim.


The fact that people married for other things in the past doesn’t mean that they were right. (Eros, but not lustful) Love isn’t secular, it’s, along with compatibility and
God’s Grace, the main requisite for a Christian marriage to be successful.


Why are you so sure that this modern approach is right? If two Catholics who are devout find each other through, say a priest or match maker, you would think it was wrong for them to marry because they don’t have the lovey dovey stuff even though they are both committed, respectful and wanting to build a family?


Only marry a person if you are willing to truly love them, regardless of what it costs you.
If you mean you ought not marry for the sake of what’s in it for you rather than what you can bring to your spouse, I agree absolutely. If you do that out of a current emotional attachment, however, you must resolve to keep up the promise whether the emotions last or not.


Not necessarily the lovey dovey stuff, but I think they have to be attracted for one another to some degree.
In the situation you describe the couple would certainly be compatible, and probably they would pray for God’s Grace, but they aren’t necessarily attracted.


It sounds like a signal to me. Not wanting to spend your life alone is a perfectly legitimate reason to want to get married. Isn’t that reason the book of Genesis gives for God creating woman, so that man would not be alone.


I think people just mix up modernity with marriage. The Bible is filled with couples who would not meet these requirements. If two people are healthy, of good character, shared values, and are committed, why wouldn’t they grow in affection with each other over time if they are in a sexual relationship?


Very much.

You never know what the future will bring.

I read a story where a couple got married, they had all sorts of high hopes for children and financial success, and all the good things of life, but in the first month, they got into an accident and she was wheelchair bound and had severe deficits for the rest of her life. No babies, not even able to have sex anymore or work or keep house.
But he stood by her and took care of her in the years that followed.

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